The Prince Harry Charity Sentebale

“Sentebale supports orphans and vulnerable children, many of whom are affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Through education, psychosocial support, and care we give them the tools they need to lead healthy and productive lives.”“TAKE ACTION NOW”

The Prince Harry Charity Sentebale 

The charity has been set up by one and only Prince Harry himself; which quotes “The Prince foundation for children in Africa”, since the lost of his mother in 1997 from a dreadful crash. Prince Harry behind closed doors had lost his way in life; where he didn’t feel like he didn’t have a purpose in life, wanting to break the rules, test the system and wanted to quit his role. 

However Prince Harry had turned the corner in so many ways; by coming out in what it was like loosing a mother like Princess Dianna at a young age, things that he had to do wasn’t right and he shouldn’t of had to do it. 

In his late teens if I remember Prince Harry went back to Africa with his brother Prince William now Duke of Cambridge; to see what their mother had done over there, she had shown so much passion for the children in Africa that they took on that role, by taking a huge responsibility of carrying on her legacy in the way that she would of done. 

Prince Harry has taken on his late mother’s charities but more importantly he has created his own charity called “The Prince Harry Charity Sentebale”. To enable him to be able to make a mark on the world like his late mother before him had done; to know he that this is the path of for him to go down, why not check out the website by clicking onto this link here. you can also place a donation via this link too.
Meet Annabel Inorin

Meet Annabel Inorin from Nigeria in Africa. You probably thinking she’s just a normal kid who doesn’t have much in Africa; guess what your right, she doesn’t have much in life over there. What’s worse is that even though she may have nothing at all; she’s fighting for her life to survive, just at the age of 11 years old. At 11 years old Annabel has a heart sickness called “Arrhythmias”; Arrhymias or heart rhythm problems most common and more experienced by more than 2 million people in a year in the UK. Most people with an abnormal heart rhythm that can lead a normal life if they have the proper diagnose. 

We are more lucky to have a good working doctors and nurses along with the right equipment; the right treatment, the right medication. Poor Annabel has nothing to keep her going; each day she counts her blessings that she pulls through the night and through the day, on things that can help her but she’s barely surviving. 

Lizzysweeklyblogs wants to go on a adventure!

 As a blogger it is always an opportunity to be contacted or be found by people who barely think; oh wow you want me to work for you and whatever the company or that person does, I had that pleasure with the manager of the The Prince Harry Charity Sentebale. You couldn’t really turn down the job on that front can you for a good cause; off course I wouldn’t be working closely with the good man himself, obviously for security reasons and what not. 

I had to take the job no matter what; the children have the right to have a voice, no matter weather it’s in this country or not, Africa is the most screaming out country to me for their voices to be heard. I’m not giving up on my own country and their voices; but to help raise another country voice in need of help, then why not go and do it. Believe me when I donated some money to the charity; I had received an email with a couple of pictures of the children who had things been given to them, on which the money I had given to the charity who had given them books and colour in things. 

You never know how that makes you feel; when you see there warm happy smiles, along with there graduated of thanks for the lovely gifts that you sent us. As you can see in the pictures that I have received so far; you know you have done the right thing, making them feel positive about their lives because of your positive and kindness. 

This makes me want to go out there in Nigeria to meet with the people who are helping running the charity; to get the sense of what it’s really like out in Nigeria, they did offer me to pay for my flights and everything but I wanted to show them that I can fund money this time to be able to go out there. They are even as members who are behind all of it said they are happy to chip in on my go fund me page. I hope you would help me to get that target or more than that mark I wanted; it doesn’t matter how little or big amounts of money, anything helps me to be able to fund my little adventure. 

If you would like to see more of these types of blogs; you can help me reach that goal by helping me on my way to go out there, visit, write about it, explore what’s out there and what is actually happening for myself. To be able to donate money please follow this link by clicking it and donate the money as much as you can. 

This is my only way to go out there; to see for myself what it is like to live in horrible damp, smelly, no electricity, no nothing. We take things way too much for granted these days; that’s why I’m going to raise as much as I can, to be able to show them I am passionate about these types of charities. Every child, every teenager, every young adults and their parents and grandparents want the best in life. Especially grandparents and parents who want to see their child or children to make something of themselves than being; here stuck in the same life of poverty, day in day out. Let me help them by raising the money for them and raising money to go and see them. Every little money helps. Go on donate know one is noticing you doing a sneaky one. I won’t tell if you won’t. 

Here are the links again if you would like to donate money to a good cause or help me go on adventure: 

Or donation can be made through the official website here for the children 

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