The biggest regret that I made…

Introduction the biggest regret that I made…

There’s some people in this world who don’t regret anything at all; I’ve seen things that people who still not learning, all it does is wind me up to the point of I want to have a massive go at them because they really haven’t learnt anything what so ever. 

The biggest regret that I made….

One of my biggest regrets is that using social media in my teens as a diary; only did it once, never again. The safety of using social media is dangerous; at that time I was young in my teens, you could say I was young and stupid at the time. I did have a diary at the time as well; but I was so angry and upset at the time of what was going on, what made it worse was they reported back to people who I didn’t want to know. 

Yeah they were concerned at the time; that through more anger and hate, let alone trust and etc. People can do anything even if they are trying to help or want to make more problems in your life then. You soon realise your the one feeding them the gossip and etc. 

Over the years I have learnt not to post things up that could go back to people; who will bring up the past, has happened a few times and it just brings me more down on why would someone would do that to me. I do share some things to make awareness of what’s out there; like mental health, autism, kidney disease and alzimers. No one should hide away or cover them up; because they are frightened of what health and genes can do people, it’s like saying you can’t do this because your giving people what they want or anything along those lines. 

When I see people do it; please don’t shout it out to the whole world, not everyone needs to know. Only if your true friends should know what’s going on; not all the people who could be fake friends, there are lots of fake friends around than real friends. 

All I have to say is just be careful in what you write on social media; be careful who you tell, be careful who you can trust and most importantly write it in a diary. A dairy is more secret and secure place to keep everything in. Believe me I should know. 

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