Something that didn’t feel right…


The day when you wake in the mornings; you think today is going to be a good day, or unless you think it’s going to be a one of those days you think why did I get out of bed. That’s me most days. I have those moments of mother instincts as we call them; as I have currently have a headache at this current, moment in time from either from work or I’ve just got way too much in my head that it’s going to explode.

I may not even a mother but I have those instincts of a mother; if something is going to go wrong, I either tackle it or just let it go over my head. Sometimes I choose to do both tackle and let it go over my head; at the end of the day I go to my job and I go home, that’s it that’s what my general life of working is. 

I do mention if something doesn’t feel right I’ll say it but sometimes I don’t because no one listens; then somewhere down the line people say “oh why hasn’t this been brought up before”, you then have people that we didn’t know if it was serious or not. That’s when I know people realised what I have been saying all the long was right and they were wrong. 

You can’t change the way people think; just let them find out the hard way, once they learn it they will pretty much know for the next time not to do it again.

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