With school prom season in full swing, recent stats show that the cost of a school prom has risen by 72% over the past five years!Parents are forking out around £500 – with some spending over £1000 – to make it the perfect night for their child with dresses, accessories and shoes, hair and make-up and transport. With a third of grandparents now chipping in to help with the expense, have proms gone too far and should be banned?

Personally I didn’t particularly like my school prom because everyone would vote for each other; I didn’t really enjoy as much but it was just nice to see everyone for the last time, I didn’t really spend so much on my prom dress at the time. Plus none of my friends that I would hang out with at the time didn’t even go, so it was a bit lame to be honest. I found it as for me a closer of some sort because I didn’t particularly like school. 

To be honest why not. You never know when it’s going to be your last; wether you loose a child, a parent or a grandparent you want to see and remember you the way you had the best day of your life. In the recent years lots of children have been taken away from us too soon; parents and grandparents never get a chance to see their children and grandchildren to grow up, to get married and etc. Even with parents and grandparents you never know when it’s their last; it’s just the whole impact of everyone gets a piece of the memory that, they will cherish even when they have gone. 

Even if the child doesn’t get married but they went to the school prom; they get to have that vibe of what it might be like, but also it’s a sense of achievement for the children who may have had a tough year or something that couldn’t of been helped in the way of life. Also it’s not everyday that a child gets so much spent on them; if you think about it, literally think about it for a few moments.

All the celebrities, every royals and rich billionaires get to spend lavish things; parties, holidays and etc because they have the money to do all that everytime and when they want to. Yet banning something that children don’t get a chance to dress up to be a princess or prince, or go to a party thats just all about them and no one else. It’s just wrong. You can’t take away every single thing that makes someone happy; the children will continue to have low esteem, not be happy because some people think its getting to expensive. 

What happens if parents say the riches and etc; “Oh you can’t have that because there are poor people who can’t afford to have a prom because its getting to expensive” you cannot have everything that you want. It’s bad enough that children have to stay on at school or go straight into work after they turn 16. Taking away the rights of somethings like that away not fair.

Yes there maybe some sort of picking on and etc but at the end of the day; people actually change for the best, even if its the prom. I just think that you can’t ban everything and take things away from the children all the time. It’s like saying why don’t you go out and play or go out with your friends or something like that. Yet when something bad happens like terror attacks; kidnappers, grooming and etc coming onto the news. You begin to wonder why they want to stay in because something bad might happen to them. They need to have encouragement for the fact that its okay to go out and have fun no matter what happens

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