Plagiarism or Copyrights Infringement

Answering a comment that was posted to me by Medical Advice Sites. A very good question; I hope I can explain and answer the question, that might help you and anyone who wants to know how to avoid it as much as possible.

I agree with you there are lots of plagiarisms, copyrights and many more things that people do theses days. The best way to either avoid these types of things are research the topic that you want to talk; pick out what’s important to you, know what your understanding of the article that you have read. Then put it into your own words what you think about the whole situation; if your using quotes from the article that you have researched, make sure you copy the link where you have found it so that your readers know where to go if they want to read the same article as you. 

Plagiarism and copyrights for me I haven’t really got into any issues as much; however I always research the information about the content or article that I’m just about to write, I then reword the what I want to write or I pick out what areas I want to write on post it’s and stick them in my journal to which will help me to understand where I want to go with the article. If I wanted to use a quote from the perceive article; I’ll make sure that I put quote makes around the context of the quote, then a link on where I have found it. So then they can read that article for more information; have a different perspective of things, so they can decide for their themselves. Everyone has opinions. 

There are lots of frauds out there who can steal anything and claim it’s their work; to which people who actually written it look like they stole the work from the frauders, yet if you back up all of your work onto something. If something like that happens; you know that you have evidence that it is your work and not there’s, I always make sure that I’m covered by making sure that my work has got the my logo on my pictures and the allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to lizzysweeklyblogs and lizzyarrow. Which covers the whole document/article. 

I have put up Terms and Conditions and copyrights up onto my blog website; why not check it out on the top of the page, but if you cover yourself by having these on your website you know you won’t be able to fall into the trap of getting taken to court for stealing someone’s work. 

I hope this helps with your question Medical Advice Sites. 

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