New Doctor Who played by Jodie Whittaker

Yes! Jodie Whittaker! Amazing actress, looks the part and could see her looking like she can bring back the fun in the Doctor. 

What do we know about Jodie Whittaker?

Jodie Whittaker is married to a American actor called Christian Contreras; they had their first born son in 2015, she had a nephew called Harry Whittaker who had Down Syndrome and played Leo Goskirk a character who had the same condition in Emmerdale before his death in 2014 at age 3. 

Jodie has been known to be in the most house hold names in films and Tv programs today; from St Trinians 1&2, Hello Carter, Spike Island and many more films, to Tv programs such like Doctors, Tess of the D’Urbervillies, Marchlands and last but not least Broadchurch. 

She has made a name for herself over the years with lots of films and Tv programs; making another house hold name for herself as the first women doctor, and being the 13th Doctor is going to be one good showing. 

My thoughts about Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor Who?

As I found out after it was being announced; I was like no way, when I saw her face I was like definitely no way. Jodie is amazing actress all the way; I loved her work in Broadchurch, she brought the mother who had lost a child by a horrible death that was caused by someone she had thought she could trust. 

I think personally she will bring back the fun; the excitement, laughter and make every cliff hanger work well. We need someone knew; vibrant, fun, active and not so serious. I found Peter what’s his face so boring, dry and not fun at all. I gave up watching it since Matt Smith had left; Peter made me think of Christopher Ecclston who was so boring and dully, until they brought in Jack Borrowman in half way through and I was like hello sexy. Then David Tennant won me over to the end of his time; then Matt Smith won me over again but couldn’t stand his two side kicks at the time Rory and Amy, they got way too much annoying towards their time. 

Please don’t make Jodie have annoying actor who will put me off watching the show; everyone has their opinion on the doctors and who should play the character, in the world of today we have to bring in someone new and different. In this day in age we can’t live in the world of sexism; that one character has to play a man all the time, it’s like saying women can’t do a man’s job when they don’t even bother do it themselves. 

Yes Jodie has to prove that she can portray he character of the Doctor; however remember in Victorian times, Elizabethan times and Tudor times men dressed up in women clothes to portray the characters of the women. We have come along way since then; yet we still need to have more equal rights as men in some areas that need to be touched, it’s just nice to see that a female Doctor is being played other than having a female sidekick who’s always having a crush on the Doctor and need saving all the time. 

It just gets too. What’s the word I’m looking for; yes that’s it cheesy, because at the end of the day women can be heroes to and play men’s parts that have been so many years. Just stop being so judgemental about things like that. Just get over yourselves people. We say that every time there’s a new Doctor coming; will they pull it off? Will they fill the big shoes from the person before them? What is the stamp on the Doctor? 

Just give her some credit guys and give it a try. You never know she may impress you and you might fall in love with her. 

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