Name 10 creative ways to pass the time in the carpool lane.


Love having new ideas for categories; along side making new categories as well, it helps to expand my blogging to a whole new level. Along side it to help my readers to have some ideas of what to do weather it’s in the car with children or teenagers or just out with friends on a trip somewhere. 

Name 10 creative ways to pass the time in the carpool lane.

You’ve got to love ideas to pass the time if your traveling to somewhere weather it’s half an hour to over an hour; with 10 creative ways to pass the time in the carpool lane will help you on this one, weather you have children, teenagers (if their battery dies on them on their phones or any device that they use for musical) to sitting with your friends going on an adventure and your going to catch a big one what a beautiful day we’re not scared. Sorry couldn’t help myself quoting We’re going on a bear hunt; one of my favourite stories when I was a kid, another blog idea whoop whoop. 

Anyways I’ll crack on naming 10 creative ways to pass the time in the carpool lane to keep everyone entertained for car journeys. 

  1. Car seat holder multi storage travelling bag – to fill up snacks and drinks for your journey for your teenagers who want to block out the world; but to have something that they like in the bag, also to parents can be on the good side of their teenagers knowing what they like to eat and drink. In away of getting to know them through that way and that they haven’t forgotten about them. You can still use this for any age to be honest but I just thought if there’s any parents stuck out there; there’s something for their teenagers, who probably feel left out if they have younger siblings getting attention all the time.
  2. Door hanging organiser – are very useful for younger children as they can have their favourite toys in each pocket; they can play with their favourite toys one at a time, someone I know use to do this with their children when they were younger. It woks wonders because it would keep them entertained for hours; even short journeys it can be handy for them as well, you can see if it works with your teenagers with the equipment that they may need for charging their phones and etc. My advice is work with your teenager to see what they may like in their door hanging organiser; so that they have a bit of control of what they would like in their one, give them a bit of control in what they may like and will help you both to compromise what should go into it. 
  3. Sign Post Game – Sign Post Game is where you have to make puns out of the names of the towns or villages using the words in the name; for example: Portsmouth – The Ports have a big mouth (meaning the harbour has a big mouth), Farnham – Your farming the ham, Hindhead Tunnel – Behind the head is the tunnel. You could go on for hours playing this game; believe me it’s fun I did it a few times, the puns that I came out with was funny and cool. 
  4. Yellow Car and Mini Punches – You rarely see yellow cars but more mini cars theses days; the whole idea of the game is that if you see a yellow car or mini you punch the person sitting next to you in the car, not too hard otherwise they bruise. If you see yellow mini that’s a double whammy; get two cars in one, I use to play with the game with my sister until we had busy lives to do anything cool. 
  5. Eye Spy – Eye Spy is a good game to play wether it’s stuck in traffic or on route to somewhere; this will help children and teenagers to explore their surroundings more, along side with knowing what to look for when they learn to drive. 
  6. People watching – People watching is where you come up with ideas who you think people are; meaning what they might be talking about, what they are thinking, what their body language is giving out and many more to get a sense of what their character could be about. Especially children’s imagination of playing and being creative. . 
  7. The License Plate Game – The license player game is where you see cars that have random words on without realising that you have a word on there; my parents had a car once the only way that I could remember what the car looked like, because of its number plate and I connected it to a film. CPO3 was the car registration and I connected it to Star Wars for CPO character. 
  8. The Scavenger Hunt – The Scavenger Hunt sounds fun don’t you think? If your a driver and know the route to where your going; why not create a little worksheet for the kids to do, with the words and pictures of the main points like historical monuments, signs of the places and etc. Who ever finds them first gets a treat everytime. 
  9. The Official Map – The Official Map is like Scavenger Hunt up above you can create something similar but with extra things on it; like use a map for the for the older teenagers, to get them to depend on the maps and sat nav so that when they learn to drive they know what they can rely on more. Teenagers always want money so you can tally up how much they will get; you can ask questions which way they should go even know that you know, just help them if they get it wrong and they can ask questions if they get stuck or lost on the map. Hints are aloud if they ask for it.
  10.  Scrap Book Time – When you get to the place your going after all that long trip to the place your going too; with the evidence that you have or made, you can scrapbook the sheets and take photos of where you are. Also collect postcards, little things that will stick in the book and etc; so by the time you have got back home, you can share it with your friends and family what you have made. Well the kids can can’t they. 

I hope you found this helpful and useful for the carpool; I use to do some of theses things when I was in the car, when I was kid and on holiday. It works wonders if you ask me; it really kills time on long journeys, as it does get boring. Have fun guys. 

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