My Morning Routine for weekends/holidays


One night or one morning during this Easter holidays of 2017; I thought why not do a weekend/ holiday routines that I have, by sharing it with you guys of what I do in the mornings of getting ready. Weather it’s getting ready to go out or looking like I’m going out or not whatever the case maybe but knowing that I can feel better with myself. 

My morning routine for weekends/ holidays 

Okay you want me to let you in a little secret of what I do in my morning routines in the weekends and holidays. Is that a yes? Okay here we go. I don’t have a set time in the holidays or the weekends I let go with the flow of what mood I’m in to be honest with you. Plus my face changes shape depends on the way I do my make up; no I’m not a shape shifter or anything like that, come on guys I don’t know where I get my cuteness from. 

My morning routine probably starts whenever I decided to get out of bed but never late after 12. Due to the fact that after that I can’t be bothered to do anything if it reaches to one in the afternoon. That’s when I know it’s going to be a lazy one.

From between 7-12 is most likely to be my routine slot for getting ready for the day during time off; as I have more time to do things, like shower washing my hair, drying it, getting dressed, do my make up and depending on what mood I’m in but also depending on if I washed my hair or my hair behaves itself I’ll put my hair extensions in. 

The average time depending if its the full thing of hair and shower in the mornings routine about an hour or two no longer than that. This is compared to my work routine which is another day blog. 

Here is my average 7-12 one-two hours getting ready routine: 

  • Laying in bed for awhile 
  • Breakfast 
  • Shower/washing hair
  • Drying my hair
  • Getting dressed 
  • Brushing teeth if I haven’t done it before then
  • Hair/make up 
  • Instagram selfie with a positive note for the day.

This is pretty much my outline of my routine. What is your morning routine for the day? Do you have one at all? Let me know. 

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