My greatest victory was….


As I’ve done a I am most proud off blog post; I wanted to share with you my most greatest victory so far in 2017, no matter how hard it was leading up to the event but I did it. I manage to put all the past behind me and be able to move on and enjoy myself.

The greatest victory and blessing is that I managed to break my horrible most damaging demons; last week where I spent two days with an ex-friend of mine who is now my best closest friends, I managed to put all the painful memories that they have caused. Now we can move on; hangout, chill and have fun together like we use to do all those years ago. 

Without doing that I wouldn’t of gotten through the pain barriers; let them learn their mistakes, what’s more realising how much they actually hurt me as a best friend. They wanted to make it up to me so badly; so I agreed to let them, they proved me that they can do it. They actually care about me more than I had realised.

Here is to the new future of new friendship and guidance of 2017.

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