My garden back then!


This week has to be the most topsy turvy week everything is going in the wrong places; blogs not being done, don’t worry all will go back to normal soon as I’ve got everything sorted. Being ill, bank holidays and going to work then not going to work just mess everything up. On the good note I have a surprise for you this week it’s an old picture of my garden way before it looks now. 

My garden back then!

This is a picture curtsy of my next door neighbor for 26 years of my life but longer than that before I was born. 29 years as my parents moved in when they were expecting my second oldest brother at the time. 
The garden then was pretty awesome not saying it looks awesome now; but at the time of growing up the whole garden looked big, with a big space you could play in you could put more play things in. On which my parents did over the years; I don’t remember much now but you tend to forget over the years, as the times and the eras change. 

At the end of the garage there was a Wendy House; that my dad had built for me when I was a kid it apparently was turned into lots of things, like flower shop, shrieking shack, Chinese Restaurant and many others that I don’t remember. My sister had the Wendy House after I didn’t need it; however me and my siblings use to jump off the roof as for fun, that’s what we did in those days, well my brothers did in those days. They would get up to loads of things back then. More settle down now but still up to no good when they want to be. Now in the Wendy House’s place for my mums 50th present she wanted a green house; the fun of knocking down the Wendy House, along with three of us. Me, my sister who was about 11 or 12 I think not sure at the time and one of my brothers were knocking it down. Just the two of them would go flying into the Wendy House every so often with the sledgehammer; at that time they were bit of light weights, as I was a bit heavier who could stand my ground a bit more. Haha not boosting or anything but I think now they can do more than I can I think as they’ve put more weight on. 

Where the climbing frame is, the rabbit hut is and the little seating area is. Is now currently has a trampoline in the corner, my mums vegetable patch and the green house is now sitting. From the rabbit hutch to the shed is now a more adulty seating area to get away from the house, if you can these days now when you have the Sainsbury’s car park and etc.

In a few weeks time or so I’ll do another #throwbackthursday with a most recent update photo of my back garden to show you how much it has changed over the years.

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