My favourite holiday (any holiday) moment….


Many people probably already had a few holidays away this year (2017); some probably have to wait for school holidays or weekends to go away, because of their children being at school and they don’t want to get caught out by the law of taking them out during term time. Unless they have asked for a holiday form to do so; don’t know if you can still do it, where if your child is going in part time or not when they are younger. No idea.

My favourite holiday moment….

Well my weekend is here; but no holiday to be taking away to this week, wish I was to be honest with you. All well nothing I can do now other than tell you about my favourite holiday so far in 2017; has to be the trip to Bournemouth with my best friend, we had amazing time even though odd occasions I felt dreadful but we did it.

I would so love to do more little adventures like that because it’s quite nice to be able to things like to get away from everything; recover, have fun and most of all chill out like I can. 

My next fun adventures are to be going day trips with another best friend; this will happen during the May half term, as we are both work in a school and I will be blogging for those when they happen. Can’t wait for that to happen. Yay! Can’t wait for it. 

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