Moving tribute from the whole country 

The hardest thing of all is when you were a victim of any of trauma that we hear everyday; most importantly the recent events that we have heard, seen, helped, applauded to. This goes no way go about it when something like this has made an impact on so many lives recently; if it was for Ariana Grande fighting back, raising money for the Manchester victims at her concert bringing everyone together, Simon Cowell had taken a leaf out of her book as he now a father. He can understand how horrible it must of been to lose a child in that way; I could be wrong but I’m giving him the credit of the count that, he brought singers in and most importantly having a touch of the community spirit to the song that has been recently released. 

Don’t let me forget about the Hillsborough charity song as well; coming together as one whole, making everyone’s voices be heard loud and clear. Each of these three songs have so many meaningful and powerful; no matter how much we pull together over the years, even more so over the past few months and weeks we come together and support one another in so many ways. We all no we aren’t heavy; because we are brothers and sisters, knowing as soon the cliffs start to settle its cliffs once more we start settle. Once the cliffs of the United Kingdom rises to protect its people; we follow it to protect our community, the services and most of all our towns and cities. I have attached the clips from YouTube of the three amazing tributes to the country: that we all love and proud off, showing we are a strong and we will get back onto our feet again. – Grendell Tower Charity Single – Manchester Concert Attack – Hillsborough Justice Collection 

Love and Respect For My Country 

This is the end; we can hold our breath and count to ten, as we feel the cliffs rise up to protect us. When we feel the earth moves again and then we let our hearts burst again. For then this is the end; we’ve drowned and dreamt this moment of peace and quiet, it is well overdue to which we need to be owed but that’s been swept away and we haven’t been stolen.

We could let the sky fall when it crumbles; we will always stand tall, but face it all together we are stronger than you’ll ever be. When the sky falls that’s when we start at out the thousands miles to keep the poles apart from you; where our worlds collide and days are dark, you may have our number but you will never have our hearts or breaks us.

Where you go we will always be there one step closer behind; what you’ll see and do we will see and do the opposite, we know we’d be never be the same afterwards but without the security of the community loving arms. Keeping us from harm; they put their hands in each other’s and we’ll stand together, showing that we are stronger than anyone else. 

Until we feel our cliffs move again; we can relax more than you can attack us, this is one country that you will never touch or hurt again as long as we defend what we believe in along with different religions, relationships from different countries and knowing we will come together as one country. 

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