Monday Feeling Day Of Lots Of Things To Do


Today has to be one sunny spring day outside; on which I decided to spread out all of my paperwork out for my blog on the dinning room table, to be able to get everything sorted for the next two months or so. You could say spring clean paperwork day. 

Monday Feeling Day Of Lots Of Things To Do

Boom! First day of the holidays for me I end up spending monjority of it doing blog paperwork; took me all morning supposedly to catch up with March’s paperwork of data collection, that I hardly manage to get a chance to do over the month but luckily if it wasn’t for my blog dairy I’ll be stuck. I manage to get that all sorted and filed away. Getting April blog planning/data collection ready to be scribbled on but haven’t quite got there yet in the way of setting it up; but it’s tomorrow mornings job before I go out to meet up with an old college friend, hopefully that would be up and ready for when the red colly flute boards arrive and they can go straight onto there straight away. 

I do like to colour code my blog paperwork because I then have a system going of where everything has to go; otherwise all hell breaks loose and I don’t know what I’m doing haha, I still got lots of things to do where I’ve got to print of loads of paperwork to file; laminate things for the files or boards and etc, on which I have now got a new Laminator that arrived today so excited to be able to use it. As my old one is going up the shoot and started eating everything. That’s why everything is behind as I had no money to order one; along with the ink for the printer as well but mange to get some ink to replace what is needed, so I don’t get moaned at for that but that’s my next investment is my own printer.

I like to think that as soon as I’ve got holiday now that I can sort out everything that needs to be done now; so that it gives me a chance to see where I’ve got to, but also revisit where I haven’t looked at things properly and it will give me some fresh new ideas. Ideal I would love to get paid for it but currently I’m not getting paid for it but once my main blog starts to pick up again this will draw more people in; along side getting sponsors, people getting more interested in the blog stories as it progresses.

Today in the mist of everything of my paperwork and getting ready. I had received two parcels. One was from Amazon; I do have to say I did get over excited, even my dad surprisingly got excited about my new laminator that he had to open the door on the first door bell then his heart sank when it wasn’t my laminator. Bless him it was a different parcel that I ordered from Superdrug; which had two hair dye packets, two compressed powders and two concealers. He wasn’t too excited about that parcel; then his log cabin arrived in bits, so he has to build it both my parents were over excited that it had arrived. After that my laminator arrived; I was so excited that it finally came, my dad got excited about my laminator as he was heading out with my mum to go somewhere. 

You probably thinking what a weird lot of people who get excited over little things that you think might not be important to you but important to us. To be honest we’re need some positive at the moment and little things like laminators and log cabins is one way to lift up our spirits. 

I had stopped doing paperwork because my hair was driving me insane where it starts to itch; so I had to wash it but before I washed I started to dye my hair as it really needed to be done, as it was starting to look horrible and tacky. It was alright when my hair extensions were in but on its own; it was too much to deal with, so come by payday went on Superdrug online and ordered what I could get at the time, then have to wait for it to come. Today I had an inkling my Superdrug parcel would come today; I get these feelings when something positive comes out if it. Today has to be the most positive day I think I have had in a very long time; let’s hope this continues on for the rest of the week, along with the near future because everyone needs a pick me up every so often don’t they. 

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