Monday Events Post – Let’s kick off this weeks feeling on top of the world


This morning after another bad night sleep along with the whole nightmare; I felt more positive, raring to go and do things that need to be done. This is what my day has been about today.

Let’s kick off this weeks feeling on top of the world

Woke up this morning feeling pretty well; on top form feeling so good about myself, minus being tired but I got through it. I do my morning routine, bathroom things, get dressed plus cream if I need to for my skin, depends what I start with first my hair or my face. My hair was first because I normally clip my hair up for doing my make up; so I put my hair extensions in, let the clip go down plated my hair, I then went on to do my face sometimes I forget the put loose powered over foundation before my concealer on which I did today. It doesn’t matter really what way I do it; as it still works either way to be honest, redo my hair again put hair spray over the top loosely and I was ready by 11:30. 

 As you can see on the right this is what I was wearing today; looking all spring/summer like chick ready for the vitamin D to come and hit me, on which was actually quite nice breeze but chilly especially in the shade. You can tell how breezy it was by looking at my picture of the left; as I was on my way to sort out things somewhere, it was nice walk there and back like I was in a countryside. To be honest with you my hometown is sort of out in a bit of a countryside as you can see fields, trees and path routes along the rivers to get to them or even by car that’s if you know where to go. 

I came back from my little earn; I finished sticking my last tags onto my boards that are red; as I left them to dry I started to pack up the rest of my blog paperwork bits up from the dining room, on which I can make sure that it was all clean and respected. Not making it look like a tip. Finally catching up on this months paperwork; which I can get things ready for the boards, along with the blog goals. It’s just a start. I’m pretty amazed I manage to get it all sorted in a week and catch myself up. That goes to show how much time and effort I put into my blog without realising

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