Mini Holiday to Bournemouth

Introduction & Mini Holiday to Bournemouth 

I arrived back home on Saturday 15th April 2017 between 6:30/7:00 from one night away to Bournemouth with a friend; whom I’m very close to, on which I was quite fortunate that they had asked me to go with them. Here is what we have got up too down in Bournemouth in Dorset. 

Once we had arrived in Bournemouth; we were a few hours early before we could checked into hour hotel, so we went to go and grab something to eat as we had arrived at lunch time. We went to KFC to have some lunch; on which we both ordered the same thing Zinger Tower meal, but I completely forgot that it has cheese in. I managed to eat some of it; normally I’m okay finishing off my food but with the cheese and the spicyness of the source, I couldn’t finish it.

I think it’s more to deal with the cheese than anything else; all well haha, as we were walking back through the town we popped into Primark as my feet were getting so hot that I needed a pair of shoes. Yet we walked out with a complete outfit; wasn’t planned but I wanted to look nice for our evening meal that we were going to have, in the town centre that evening. The outfit came to £30 on which it wasn’t so bad if you asked me; I knew how hot was getting, I needed to wear something that would cool me down.

We started to go and look for the hotel that we were going to stay at; which was called Britannia Bournemouth, once we had found the hotel the front of it looked very un inviting where it looked like it just became out of a ship reck if you asked me. So distressed; didn’t look like it wanted to be there anymore than we did; but we had to check in no matter what we did, by the time we had found our room. The room wasn’t really that welcoming either to be honest; especially for a standard room it was like my room that I have, it was that tiny more tiny than my room I think. It had a double bed, dressing table, wardrobe and bed side table. Along with a TV and a bathroom. 

The only thing that was making the whole room stand out and more welcoming was the white bed covers. To be honest the whole hotel needs a complete make over; if the company can afford and rescue old buildings to keep them running, but to ignore the hotel is pretty shocking. 

Me and my friend were about to go out; well to be honest I was about to say yes to go out but, I fell asleep and was out for the account so that went out out of the window as I was sleep for hours. So yeah after I woke up we got changed and went out for a meal; on which u ended up having chips and nachos without cheese whilst my friend had all of the cheese, as I wasn’t feeling well. Literally had way too much potato for one day because the next day I had something with potato and I couldn’t stand potato and let it haha.  

The next day we had breakfast in Weatherspoons on which I had a full English breakfast which was quite a large one; I can give you that, plus managed to eat monjority of it, better than the day before. We then walked along the beach that ended up with a pile of sand in one shoe more than the other; that’s what I got for having a holy shoes that need replacing, then we went on a little adventure to Milton on Sea for a walk along the sea front on which we saw The Needles that is apart of a small island called Isle of Wight. 

Then we started to head back after a nice one night away; best time away with a friend, how relaxing and very healing. I didn’t really want to come back to be honest; I wanted to stay for another night, knowing I couldn’t was hard enough but it was the best thing that could happen.

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