May I help you?


Apologies this post is on a Thursday but due to not feeling to brilliantly yesterday; I thought I’ll plan what I was going to write for it, post it for today but still under Wednesday Evening Post at 8 O’clock, so you haven’t missed it don’t worry about it. I’m just behind on everything this week lots going on. 

May I help you?

The fun with May month that lead me to have loads of ideas for this month; well puns anyways only May can actually have loads puns going for it, like this picture here. May the fourth be with you! 

Love the Star Wars quote always makes me laugh when I say it; however we say things like puns that we use without knowing everyday, here is a list of puns and things that have May in it. 

  • May the fourth be with you 
  • May I help you with something? 
  • Isn’t that second one MAYbe a bit brief than the first one?
  • May I join you?
  • May I have a bath after you?
  • May I use your phone?

Only a few ideas here. Have you noticed or have said that you use every day using may? Let me know down below in the comments. 

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