Life of living with MHI and PCSOS


May I like to say is that I have plucked up the courage to inform you that; I am raising awareness of two topics that this blog is about, I’m going to tell you how I cope with them with everyday life.

MHI = Mental Health Issues

PCSO = Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome 

These are what the codes mean when I use them throughout the blog; as it is easier for me to write more easier and more freely as I can, when I’m sharing with you about them all. 

Life of living with MHI and PCSO

Living with these conditions can come easy at the best of times; however sometimes it is harder than to expect when one can play off the other if both go at the same time, or they can be perfectly fine. 

At 21 years of age I was diagnosed with PCSO due to massive big badly period pains; but yet no period that came, throughout my teens I use to have bad period pains and they would come. I use to go home early from school because I would end up in tears or wanting to throw up or worse off be in so much pain that I had to go home because I have to take something and sleep it off.

When I was diagnosed I had to take contraceptive pills on which made me ill; every 21 days I would have my head down the toilet every time I had finish it, then I had to stop taking it and now I have contraceptive implant that’s been perfectly fine odd occasions over the 6 years I had now and then periods but not for long or just in pains. 

However most recently it’s started to flare up again with a lot of stress that I’m under and in so much pain along with mood swings which is effecting my other health issue. Which is called mental health issues.

By the age of 22/23 I was diagnosed with depression and GAD (General Anxiety Disorder); this has been challenging for very long time, been on lots of different medication for it and etc. Still trying to find ways to be able to reduce the stigmas of them; but haven’t quite find out what ones work and etc, been to youth counselling and CBT. It has been a very long ride; however with my current situations it has been a lot harder to battle through it all, on which has effected my PCOS on which I have mention up above. This is still a work in progress for me but will talk about it more in the near future and I never let define me or defeat me as much as it tries to.

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