Last Minute Packing First Holiday of 2017


Pretty sluggish at last minute packing and etc; just because I knew all week that I was going away for a night by the end of the week, I just didn’t know what to pack today really; but manage to pack everything into one suitcase, however not nearly everything is in there. Like my make up, hair drys or hair straighteners but I think I’ll have to leave my hair straighteners at home; let my frizzy bomb do its work to be honest, because it never stays straight when I do it even if it do it in sections. Don’t ask family thing. 

Last minute packing left

So as I was saying in my introduction that I’m pretty sluggish of one day one night away packing because growing up I’ve always been told to pack take all weather clothing. Where I’m going; it always ends up nice sunny, warm and boiling. This was in the past as I had a sibling down in this seaside town university; we always wrapped up warm as it would be raining here in Guildford but when we got to him, we would be stripping off all of our clothing and get clothes to change into at times. 

I manage to pack a few tops, leggings, a dress for the evening doubt I wear it not even sure I fit in it still, probably get another one when I get there for the evening. Obviously my cleaning essentials and etc. Not sure to take a hair dryer or not I might not take it; if I don’t take it, the hotel doesn’t have one I’ll get one when I’m there too. Kind of need a new one I think anyways; haha I think I fused the first setting on my hair dryer, heyho that answers my question doesn’t don’t take it. 

Tomorrow all I have to pack now is my make up, hair brush and any medication that I may need to take. I’m not really one of those people who has to take the whole lot of first aid stuff; just the stuff that I need to self medicate to keep me going, then that’s about it already and done.

I will be collecting pictures for a blog of my holiday but I won’t be putting them up until I get home along side my social media I won’t be putting any up at all either. All top secret until I come back.

Bye for now…oh oh nearly forgot I have got blogs on the schedule so I haven’t left you in the lurch. Byeee!!!

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