Is there someone who was in your life that you miss?


Tuesday’s posts have finally arrived; last Tuesday of the month for another year, even struggling to stay awake writing this and it’s only 20:00pm not even that five minutes a head of myself here. Yeah I’m writing it last night (Monday 24th April 2017) I’m actually in bed listening to the birds singing and etc.

Is there someone who was in your life that you miss?

I have to say currently I’m missing someone who is currently still alive; just…if it wasn’t for the operation that he had, now back to his normal self like he was giving another life. Not too sure how they manage to do if you ask me; must run in my family somehow, especially both sides of the family. 

Both cheated death more times than I had cold dinners; but I do miss this person more, it feels like they have passed away but came back to life, one of my hateful fears is when somebody or something dies and all of the sudden they jump right out of you and like I’m joking I’m not really dead. 

I would miss them everyday anyways if they had passed away; because they are the closest person that I have ever had, would most probably not be able to cope without them. 

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