If I could share one message with the world; what would it be?


Come on keep it going people you can do it? Yes we can! Can we do it? Yes we can! No I can’t!!🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬 

If I could share one message with the world; what would it be?

As I was growing up; everytime I said “I can’t do it” someone would say “can’t isn’t a word” or “can’t isn’t in a dictionary” this meant your not giving up on yourself or what you want to achieve. To be honest they are right. I catch myself saying it all the time when I’m talking to my friends; when I’m feeling down, lonely and etc. 

When I’m working with someone in a classroom; I have a child say to me “I can’t”, I’m reply “can’t isn’t in my dictionary….you can do it I know you can” they show me that they can do it; the word is a cope out word, I know it is and they know it is. 

The message is this…even if can’t is in the dictionary. Remind yourself when you feeling like given up on something like a dream or a project or something that you are working on. If I was there next to you on your shoulder; you told me that you can’t do it, you would know what I would say to you. “Can’t isn’t in my dictionary…you can do it I know you can” its my belief and it gives me the confidence and other people the confidence of being able to challenge themselves to the point of victory of standing up to your ego who puts you down.

It’s like me saying I can’t do 5 blogs prep in one day or maybe more in one day; hey guess what, I’ve proved myself that I can do it. No one told me to do 5 or more blogs; no one set me the mammoth task of doing loads of blogs in one day, I chose to do it myself.

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