I Was Stuck…

Introduction of I Was Stuck…

Wow three blogs in one day lucky people; I must be doing something right, as I’m writing loads of blogs and scheduling them on time for you lovely people. Normally I get stuck on what to write about; then give up, once I give up. No words, no reading, no blogs, no reviews, no nothing. Have no fear I have now sorted out all of my clipboards with their correct titles for me to work on for ideas; along with… I do have to say so myself, was a genius plan and well good idea on my part. A clipboard for my own titles on; not like other clipboards that don’t have my ideas on, or anything. It’s just that when I have ideas for something like a blog; then I get stuck of what main category I should put them in, why not create a clipboard with main titles and when I need an idea that’s completely different to the ones on the rest of the clipboards I can decide to use that clipboard as a back up. 

I Was Stuck… 

As soon as I was writing my introduction for this blog; another idea that came into my head, on which involves with the title. If you read it out loud a few times I Was Stuck, I Was Stuck, I Was Stuck; doesn’t the title make you wonder back to your childhood stories that you once used to be read as a child, you would have all the imaginations of the characters from the story in your bed as you listened and looked at the pictures.

The story could go something like this: 

“Mummy I’m stuck in the mud” so mummy picked her out of the mud and carried her to the dry place.

“Mummy I’m stuck on the wire like the sheep wool” so mummy unhooked her of the wire mesh fencing 

“Mummy I’m stuck at the top of slide” so mummy helped slide down the slide. 

“Mummy I’m stuck to the paper” so mummy pealed the piece of paper off her fingers 

“Mummy I’m stuck……” as she noticed that her mummy was fast asleep on the sofa. As her daddy picked her up to take her back to bed she said yawning “daddy I was stuck today” 

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As I was writing this I could see it as a children’s book for a toddler; who are learning to read and starting talk, I think I’ve just gave myself an idea for a story. Just looked up apps on how to create books and etc on apps. Aww I love you guys; giving me ideas to get my stories going again, don’t worry I’m not going to give up on blogging too much investment is going into it. Haha.

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