I have an irrational fear of…..


Everyone has that irrational fear of something; if your reading this and saying “nope I don’t have any irrational fear of anything”, well all I can say is this….imagine me coming through your screen shaking you, slapping you and telling you that your broken. What would your response will be?

Believe me I would love to do that to some people that I have met over the years and months of talking to people. Pretty much people hate having things coming at them; through screens, me on the other hand could be scary and could be funny. Either which that can be an irrational fear for someone you may know. 

My irrational fear is if something or someone is dead; but I’m the one to be expected to pick it up and put it somewhere or visit someone who has passed away, I would most probably wet myself if they come back to alive and jump out at me. Knowing me I would because I hate those things; more to the point of animals especially hamsters, due to one of my sisters hamsters constantly biting me on my fingers. Can’t pick up hamsters anymore; cats I can pick up they are alright haven’t really been attacked by them, other than fighting with them to stop them where they shouldn’t be going. However they are still same procedure if they are dead; I wouldn’t be able to pick them up, if I had a fight with a cat or something. 

With people; it’s harder because if you know them well enough, you just think they are just playing practical jokes on you. I think that’s what I thought with my great grandma; I was only a small child then when she passed, I thought she shad a glass case over at one point. 

That’s probably why I hate things like pigeons and slugs touching my feet. I don’t know. Who knows what will happen.

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