I am most proud off….


Everyone I think should be proud off something because if we don’t; how can we live life to the full com pasty of ones life, and to achieve more in life than wither away into the shadows of darkness. 

I am most proud off

I am most proud off I have to say is no matter how much life throws at me; I’m still going to work, doing my job for special needs even if I have to take a few days off or a week. They can understand the tiredness; the emotional strain that can have the effect on someone who has mental health. 

I don’t care if I look like a emotional stain of a tea spoon or look scruffy one day or two; look fine after that for a few days, it’s no ones business because my life is mine and no one needs to know if I don’t tell them or not.

Sorry if this is short but that’s all I can think of that I’m proud of doing. There is another one later on called “My Greatest Victory was…”

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