How to decorate a A4 clipboard portfolio?


I’m going to kick off today for 1st May 2017 with a completely different outlook on things; showing you how to create a clipboard to what you have in mind, but you can’t get it anywhere else. Just had another idea! Oh snap. Hahaha!

How to decorate a A4 clipboard portfolio?

Can’t find a clipboard portfolio that you like? Think some of the ones out there look horrible? Why not make your own? How? Did you say? Easy all you have to do is either find a brown like card board clipboard; on which is a new trend by the way or find something that is strong enough but the colour is wrong for your taste buds, on which you can cover. Then find some wrapping paper of your choice either in sheets or a roll; if it’s in sheets makes sure you make an estimate of how many you think you need weather you need to cover the whole thing or just bits of it, let me show you how I did mine. 

This is the full finished product that I have done for this A4 clipboard; took me about at least 45-60 minutes to complete the clipboard, with a bit left over at the end and mind you this was just one sheet off wrapping paper. To begin with I originally thought of using one single clipboard; but then I thought no, I need to use the A4 portfolio because I’m using it for Newsletters ideas notes so I need to use an A4 Portfolio. So I swapped it around with any other category; to make it easier for myself than anything else, also it looks more smarter than before. I’m going to write a list of what I used and how much things are down below.

  1. A4 Portfolio cardboard clipboard look -£8 from Paperchase
  2. Blue Tie dye single sheet – £1.50 from Paperchase 
  3. Anita’s Tacky Glue (PVA) – can get them from HobbyCraft or just use normal PVA glue
  4. Pair of scissors 
  5. Pen – that your comfortable in writing with to attach it with
  6. Paper that fits as a flap over sometimes it comes with the clipboard.
  7. Possibly a pencil to draw round the clipboard if you feel comfortable 

Basically this is what I used throughout the process of making it look more productive and presentable; also the way I wanted it to look like, this is because in my head I had a vision off what it should be like and how I want it. 

First thing first I opened out the portfolio to see how much I needed to cover the front of of the portfolio clipboard; along with a little bit extra to go over the ends of the clipboard, tucked inside the clipboard but also enough for the spin of the portfolio. Once I had got the right size for the two sides of the clipboards; with estimation of how much I needed when I cut down the middle of the sheet. What you could do is stick the spine on first and work around that. Not sure why I didn’t think of that to begin with; always finding out other ways afterwards, all well. 

I started with the back so that it wasn’t so complicated or hard to do; as there wasn’t annoying fiddly bits contend with, the way I did it around the clip bit of the board is by placing the sheet on top of the front and I tried to make a few little dents where the clip is but alongside that I cut where the out line is of where the board and the clip is. Once I had made the lay out for the gap; I roughly made a guess where the rest of the clip was by judging the lines that I had cut on the paper as a guide, where it would start to end this way is quite easy to be done because you know how much you are going to loose but also to know that you will still be keeping the awesome sliver plate underneath.

To cover the inside of the portfolio I only covered the pockets; they looked nice to be covered but also to make them stand out when the clipboard is being used, most of all the contrast of the brown and the blue fit nicely and perfectly together. I also had to cover the binding inside to split the two sides but give it the definite finish.

The last finishing touches of the clipboard was to insert the paper that came with the clipboard inside; then on the the back of the clipboard I stuck on my three tags that I created over Easter, they stood out quite well with the nice lay out of the paper back ground than the brown background.

Thank you for reading this blog happy making if you do give this ago. It’s actually quite nice to chill, relax and take your minds of things; this gives you the opportunity of exploring your creative side a whole new level, but gives you the sense of well being of I actually made this myself and it’s for me to use. I have even got a piece left over from one sheet of wrapping paper.

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