How good are you seeing through people?

We all have times when our gut feeling kicks in and we question whether to believe someone 100% – but when has your instinct turned out to be right? Have your suspicions about someone – a friend or colleague ever been proved true?

The more that I ponder about this sort of question; the more I think how do I know who to trust and who not to trust, then I realised it’s the vibes that people give off at the time of talking to them or the presence they give out that make them not worth trusting. 

The question is. Is it too easy to read people? The answer is no. Can it be more accurate than it shouldn’t be? Yes because one day that person can easily slip up on more things than you have; to which you know more things than they do or remember everything at once, unless I detach myself more in the real world or something I don’t know. 

However not everyone these days present themselves in the way that you expect; meaning their true nature or selves to the external world, like for example people or two faced blah blah blah. If you know what I mean. So many people have gone through a good portion of it in their daily lives; even if its not it would be in their entire lives living inauthentically, knowing what they are doing and think that people haven’t noticed or picked it up. They have this sort of two face mask that are no where near anything that resembles who they really truly might be or their real intentions are. All we can do is read our own perceptions of things that are presented to us; I have experienced that a lot where I knew that somebody didn’t like me, do things just to annoy me and talk about me behind my back. When I was having a bad day; I knew I didn’t want to be in that environment when I’m in that moment of upset and frustration, I did mention it to someone higher at the time but didn’t take much notice of it. Until two other people had come forward to the person and they soon realised how serious it was at the time that I wasn’t lying at the time. 

Another perfect example that I have actually recently observed was a builder who thinks he is so cool and a hard nut; on which he was always on his phone when I see him as I’m working in my dinning room, all I seem to have seen was him doing bits and pieces now and then but he monjority of the time he was either smoking or on his phone. To be honest to me I just feel like he’s a bit of tool to perfectly honest with you; at the time I saw my neighbour having words with him or asking him something or pulling his act together. Until I had enough when I saw him getting out his phone and etc; that was it I had literally had enough I was either going to loose it at him or go and let my neighbour know before I actually said something, believe me I could loose it and say what I mean. Believe me that was the hardest thing I could of done just keeping my cool and let my neighbour know; to my surprise he wanted to loose it at him as well, because he had words with him as well at the time I had seen him talking to him. 


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