How do you sort out dried/raised skin when you have been sweating so much?


Everyone sweats time to time and they can’t help it at all; no matter what shape or size you are everyone gets sweaty, you make think I’m skinny and I don’t sweaty. Oh boy I can tell you now I’m not skinny and I do sweat a lot even when I don’t do anything. 

How do you sort out dried/raised skin. When you have been sweating so much?

I sweat in all of the wrong places that I don’t want to be sweating believe me it’s horrible; this is because my skin is so soft and sensitive, it reacts to the point of it leaves marks where I have to turn to moisture to calm it all down before I didn’t have to worry so much because I would wear my leggings. For example that’s where I get marked quite easily on the inside of my thighs; that’s because if I didn’t wear my leggings or a dress that can let the air get to then sweat, that’s when they begin to rub. At the best of times it doesn’t work if it’s really hot and I haven’t got leggings on. It’s a shame that it got to that point of I have to wear leggings monjority of the time because it’s just horrible when it happens; but I do use cream a lot when something like that happens because the constants of putting moisture on is like saying I’ve got to do this everyday for it to calm down.

Where ever the dried skin or raised skin is I would recommend moisture or body butter to use; apply it each morning, each night when you wake up and go to bed because this will help you to reduce the sweat through out the day and night. It actually helps preventing the whole dried or raised skin from happening; I use body butter where I had raised spotty skin in the most inconvenient place ever, right under my boobs sorry guys quite embarrassing place to mention. I have to put cream on before I put clothes on; if I don’t I start to sweat so badly to the point of my bra starts to become increasingly annoying and I start to each; but since putting body butter on underneath that has to be one easy thing to do, sometimes I think oh I don’t think I need to put it. Oh yes I blooming do; so I do try and put it on everyday without fail; I can certainly say guys it has cleared up so much, it hasn’t even left any marks on my skin, also make sure that you dry off properly if you have a shower or a bath under there ladies before you put anything on. 

I hope this all helps and another thing I’m trying out is a crop to bra thing it’s just a little top from Primark that I had brought years ago; I just thought I’ll see how this goes for a week because if I’m wearing full tops in bed, it’s a lot harder to let the air get underneath and I do have to say it’s working wonders. 

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