How do you distress yourself after a day’s work?


You may realise that you might see a regular of the same person in different pictures for my categories; it’s okay I have permission for using the pictures as she is my cousin and she has that look about her that is very photogenic, on which gives me ideas for categories or useful pictures for other things. 

How do you distress yourself after a day’s work? 

Some days I’m actually okay that I don’t really need to distress myself; some days I really do especially today (12.5.17 which was a Monday) after the day I’ve had I literally needed a long walk home from work, even longer than the two routes that I’ve been taken for the past two weeks. 

I was that stressed out; I needed it, needed to be on my own and I needed my space before I literally hunted someone. (Not that kind of way honest) by the time I got home I had one massive splitting headache; on which the air was so humid that I had a headache, my lower back was killing me and both of my health issues had started to play up as well. 

I got to my bedroom I literally in so much pain that I just wanted to lay on my bed on my front; couldn’t even turn around to say bye to my parents because I was in so much pain, I literally after awhile I don’t even know how much time has passed since they left to see a relative to be honest. Must of fallen asleep or something because I was getting dinner for myself; that was done, eaten and put into the kitchen. I was in the bath by 6:15pm got out; my sister had arrived home; I could feel the paracetamol kicking in by that stage with a bit of help with the warm bath, that I just had put my pjs on because I forgot to bring my cream with me at the time. 

Took more medication that I actually needed to take anyways; just incase I feel asleep and not take them, I was literally in bed by 7pm normally I’m in bed by 8pm. My normal bed time is pretty much between 9-10pm but because of work and health issues its down to the energy that I can face of doing at the moment. Feel like I’m going back to being a kid going to bed when it’s still light outside. 

Now I’m currently chilling out in bed not doing much; just managed to stay awake doing this blog to be honest with you, I’m that determined to do it for you guys and get it up and running.

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