Help! Need rehabilitation for adults, teenagers and young children.

Help! Need rehabilitation for adults, teenagers and young children. 

The hardest things for adults, teenagers and young children that have recently seen traumatic events on which has been happened recently. Is living the everyday with the trauma of what has happened; my thoughts are with the families and victims, but also children who are still missing. 12 young children under 16 are injured; but also the looking like monjority of them were teenagers, however how many are there out of the 47 were teenagers? Most importantly the whole city like London two months ago all of the services; but most importantly people who were not just running away from the scene, the people who were running towards the scene who were risking their own lives to help the young children and teenagers who needed help. This shows that we are not going being divided, people are still going to be there protecting the young teenagers and young children.

Rehabilitation for young teenagers and young children

For parents who want to help their children who have witnessed these sort of traumatic events; here are things that will help parents, guardians, families and teachers. Who need to support their love ones; who have to live the trauma for the rest of their lives, especially with their injuries that they have received from them attack. 

To help with the trauma there are childline and NPCC are able to give you advice but also help your child who need support adult that is different to talk about what has happened. Also here is a website of for children and parents for information to get help and guidance.

Do’s  & Don’ts                                                

  • Touch on it lightly     
  • Go straight into having the conversation                     
  • Give them time                                  
  • Telling them to suck it up
  • Help them to recover                      
  • Don’t let them feeling they can’t talk about it
  • It will take them time                      
  • Don’t let them suffer alone 

Rehabilitation for adults 

For adults who are living in fear of what has happened and trying to forgive themselves for not being their for their children. Here are a list of sites to visit: 

  • Mind 
  • Samaritans 
  • Sane
  • Crisis 
  • Many others

Rehabilitation of Thank You for people who helped them

Manchester hospital’s recommend please think carefully if you need A&E; if it is necessary or not as they burst at the scenes as they are dealing with major accident, so please remember to think carefully if it’s needed or not.

Teachers and family’s need to remember they are needing to support the students who have been effected and who have been left behind. Also children and staff who knew the staff the victims who are injured and had been killed. 

Good samaritans who didn’t run away from the scene; they ran towards the scene to go to help the victims who were in distress from taxis, hotels, local residents, hotels and most importantly the services. Showing that we are not giving up or be frightened with the whole attack; especially with the teenagers and young children, we pull together and we protect our children no matter what. 

However there are still people missing; teenagers, adults and children please help their love ones to help them to be found. 

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