Haunted Part 1 

The Horror Story that no one wants to be in…

Where I was sleeping on my old chair in the house I had packed in three weeks ago, I heard a soft knock thrice on the door. At first, I ignored the knock as I was tired from the day’s work, but the knock came again. Reluctantly, I came down from the chair, walked shabbily to the door and opened it, but no one was there, I peeped through to check around, but found no one. I hissed. Locked the door back up; walked back to the chair I just sat on the chair when the knock came again, soft on the door thrice, now I was getting angry as to why someone will be playing smart on me this tiring night. 

I marched to the door and dragged it open; but still found no one, I stood by the door for some seconds wondering who it might be that is disturbing my evening rest. As I turned to go inside when I noticed a shadow run pass inside my room. I followed swiftly to catch whoever the person might be, leaving the door open. I got to the room, but no one was there, I checked my toilet, wardrobe, and kitchen, but there were all empty, then I heard voices whispering from my living room. Now I am even more angry, I marched to the living room but stopped by the lobby as what I saw frightened me, a crowd of small white kids, staggering around the house. I was white with fear, when I heard my name called in a whisper from behind, I turned to see my wife standing before me, her eyes filled with horror.

“Why?” She cried out. 

“Why?” she cried out again.
She began to walk towards me making me to take some steps backward, then I stumbled and fell backwards. Then I woke up sweating all over but feeling cold and breathing heavily. “It’s a dream.” I managed to say amidst panting, then I heard a soft knock on my door, just like I heard in my dream. “Who’s there?” I muttered with fear from my dream, but there was no reply. “Who”s there?” I managed to shout. but still got no reply. Again, the knock came but this time a bit harder than the first time. 

Now I had to summon courage and check who it might be, maybe it’s someone out there, I’m just being scared from my dream. I walked slowly to the door and opened it slowly, but found no one there, now it became obvious my dream has come haunting my reality. “Hello?” I said with a shaky voice, the outside was cold and still and very dark. I was buried in cold fear, I closed the door and walked back to the chair in the living room where I slept before. I sat down wondering what might be going on. could it be my dream happening again? or some hooligans trying to play smart on me? I was deep in thought when a cold hand touched my right shoulder, I jumped out of the chair, startled with fear only to see my wife smiling back at me. I sighed. 
“Why did you jump like?” I sighed,

“Why did you jump like that?” She asked. 

“You scared me,” I replied her panting.
And why were you scared? She asked. It was just a bad dream I had earlier. She came and hugged me tightly, “Poor boy”, she said. Now I felt a little relaxed. I pulled away from the hug slowly and took a seat while she followed suit. When did you return? I asked. Just now she replied still smiling. Her bright smile brought a total calmness to my mind and I felt relaxed. But did you…? Did I what? she asked looking at me puzzled.

Nothing, don’t worry. I replied not wanting to bring back my earlier experience. I laid on her lap and before long, I was fast asleep. I was still sleeping when I heard a running water. I woke up with a start and listened attentively. My wife was no longer on the chair, the water was running in the kitchen. She might be cooking I thought. So I laid back, but the water didn’t stop, I sat up again to observe the direction of the kitchen, but no sign of any one. “Honey?” I called . “Honey are you there? Put off the running water.,” but no response came……

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