Government Politics in the UK

Government Politics in the UK 

Good day! Welcome to my everyday June 2017 blog posts; I thought I might as well do the whole thing with politics today as my government at the moment are pretty stupid, let alone shocking believe they are. 

Theresa May rumours has it that she went to job centre and she didn’t turn up for the interview for the prime minster role but got someone else to do it. I don’t know if that’s true but it makes sense that she sent someone to do the Tv campaign coverage; all because she’s busy or something, then she turns up on Tv news somewhere else making herself more of a bigger fool as she is already. 

My way of thinking when they do campaigning because I get sick and tired of it all because I just don’t care anymore about politics as they don’t wake up; also Conservatives on the other hand they don’t care about children especially when we had the terror attack, I had also read about another Conservative about sexism, don’t care about women and what not. If he was my son I would disown him from there and then; I wouldn’t even let him back into my life what so ever, even if I was dying I wouldn’t want him there nor at my funeral. 

When the politics take days, weeks and months our time campaigning a load of rubbish of what they are going to do. They don’t actually mean it because they just want us to vote for them to do something completely different. This is what I’m like leading up to the event and after the event.

Starting from number 1 picture: First week of listening to each member of the leader, talking about how they are going to change the country if the win the election. Me other hand. I don’t care as you never changed. Nor care what we won’t because we don’t have a voice until we actually pull together and you claim that’s how you made Britain great. Didn’t see any of you at the last terror attack or when Westminster was attack except one that was because he had a military background and sprung into action.

Picture number 2: Yep still sleeping election is still happening I better stay asleep too many idiots talking. When is it happening? Also seems to me that making it worse for themselves; along with Trump who is funding it hard to get people to work with him, as they know what they are doing and he doesn’t but that’s because he’s stupid.

Picture 3: Slowly waking up to the sound of still constant talking; I hate talking, yap yap yap, like a yapping doodle dog whatever that is. Tired now I thought it was over and done with by now. Why are we still talking about it? 

Picture 4: Just woken up properly from my political hibernation and the first 3 questions are. Is it over yet? Can I come out and play now? Is it safe to? Meaning that I don’t have to go and punch someone. Pretty sure I would most likely punch a politician or stick them in front of my grandparents and get the insults and what not.

As I also heard rumours that Theresa May had to cancel of going to BBC Radio 1 Women’s hour; due to medical advice/personal reasons, in which she had to stay at home and put her feet up. Correct me if I’m wrong isn’t she the one trying to cut the NHS and other services? Yet she needs them as well; she can’t have it both ways, if you ask me but I do understand that she’s not well but come on man this is 21st century. 

The other news that has shown up in the politics world is that Ariana Grande and the Royals have paid their respects to the victims and the services who responded to the attack by visiting them and talking to them showing their gratitude for what they have done and how brave they were. 

No other politics have even made one step of thanking the services or seeing the victims; they just picked up where they left off, campaigning for their parties. That’s how low the government are in my country.

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