Ear Wax vs Deafness 

This has to be the worse feeling ever; when it comes to any part of your sleep pattern when your up so early on a Friday morning, your like jeez thanks man this is going to be a long day now. Believe me when it comes to my ears and nose problem that’s when it’s sucks the most. Which lead me to write this blog on which I was going to use as an everyday blog but now decided to use it for Wednesday Evening Post. 

The past 26 years I’ve always struggled with hearing impairment; as long as I can remember, I have times over the years when I have colds or hay fever badly I panick when I can’t hear properly and become very anxious about my ears. To which I have to book an appointment just incase that I haven’t burst an ear drum or there’s swelling to my ear drum; this can be damaging when you know you have a history of hearing lost, I have had a burst ear drum before the signs were painful ear when I put ear drops in and blood on my pillows. That’s a sign of you have a burst ear drum. 

You probably thinking how can you fix someone’s hearing if they were deaf? I can promise you that there’s lots of routes down the line that I could of taken if I wanted to; I can still do that if I wanted to, yet I’m determined to prove myself that I can do things like everybody else. I’m only going to use that one thing as a last resort; I’ve come along way without it, why should I claim disability allowance now. Also when I was little I was deaf; I was in and out of hospital; having grommets put in to help me clear the glue ears/deafness, to which help me to hear properly with the help of speech and language along side going to a unit through out school. The signs for someone who’s deaf in my experience is from high pitch noises that no one else can pick up for example certain freezers in supermarkets, along with not hearing helicopters especially when they are just about to fly over until they are right on top of you, people think that your ignoring them but your not you just can’t hear. Along with when your talking your mumbling to that your thinking your talking normally but actually your not. 

Earwax is similar situation to deafness but in my case it’s the same; as I start to mumble and not being able to hear anything, it is painful more when you have fluids building up behind the ear and the earwax building up on the other side. Building up the pressure hurts ten times worse; I generally use the ear drops that crackles to help with the earwax to loosen up, but that sometimes hurts when your unwell or your hay fever kicks in. Sadly my hay fever kicked in this year due to the heatwave; to which point that means going to hurt even more, on my ears mostly on my left ear but I’m not too sure why more on my left ear. Heyho. 

If you have any concerns on yourself or a child has similar situation I recommend see the doctors because they will run tests for everything for hearing; also my parents got me tested for autism because they thought I was autistic, but I’m not but they are giving me time to read the file that I’ve got on me. I haven’t really looked it but when I’m ready I’ll be able to read it; knowing what is what, and to learn the process of how far I’ve come. Good luck and I hope this is useful to you.

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