Do you have recurring dreams? Explain.


The recurring dreams probably do happen to lots of people; however people say no I don’t, I bet they do they just want to make you look like a weirdo that no one likes. Don’t panic if you do have recurring dreams; because I do but I wouldn’t call them recurring dreams, I would call them recurring nightmares. Haha.

Do you have recurring dreams? Explain.

My recurring dreams are more about me going to school as a kid but always doing my job that I’m doing at the same time. I’ve been having these sort of dreams about nearly three weeks now; I’m so sick and tired of it all now, I don’t even know why I’m dreaming about going back to my old school to be honest. Never liked school in the first place. 

It’s always the same two places; different scenories each time I have them, then it keeps me awake and some points it keeps me up with worry that I’m going to be getting them. So I would try and stay up late; so I can out ride the nightmares, personally I think it’s stress with everything is going on. In my personal life. That I like to point out for you guys,

If you have recurring dreams what are they? Would you share them or you wouldn’t? I’ll let you decide what you would like to do.

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