Do you have a middle name? Why? What were your parents thinking?


It use to be common to have middle names but you don’t really get middle names that often theses says; unless you have joint names like India-Summers or Jean-Paul theses days, so you share your middle name with your first name. Unless your me and have two really old fashion names. 

 Do you have a middle name? Why? What were your parents thinking? 

Sometimes I wonder why on earth my parents called me Elizabeth to begin with; let alone Ruth, two most oldest names you can ever ask for. Actually I didn’t even ask for it; from the age of 5 or 6, once I could actually started to hear properly at school everytime kids in my class would say “oh look it’s you on the tv” quoting the Queen Elizabeth on the tv. Not too sure why or what the lesson was about but that just put me off making my name for myself of Elizabeth but had to put up with it; until I could realise that I could shorten my name in lots of ways, go on from there. 

With Ruth I just think it’s not a nice name to be honest; don’t know why other than its old fashioned out of the bible, after saying Elizabeth Ruth and then my surname then your like it’s just a mouth full saying my full name but adding a middle name in. You start to run out of breathe; with me I’m like as soon as I say my full name when it comes to my middle name, my lisp sometimes comes into join in make me struggle saying my R’s. It doesn’t happen that often it chooses its moments. 

At the end of the day it’s what your parents give you at the time of when you were born unless they had too much laughing gas; they were taking seriously then god can’t help them now, can tell you that now. I don’t even know what my parents were on; I think they both were on laughing gas, when it came to me.

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