Do patients have a right to die via physician – assisted suicide?

This Topic makes me feel so sick, upset and angry to the point of why am I even bothering doing my job that I loved doing for so long. When people whom became disabled through a disease or accident or something and they want to die because they can’t cope with it anymore. 

In my brief summary of this topic that I just mentioned about this; is that every time it comes up on the news I physically have to leave the room, or trying not to listen to it because it makes me feel so sick, upset and angry that people who are capable to do anything had their world turned upside down. Either a disease, accident or something else that made them become disabled; they want to fight for the laws to be changed so that a physician can help them by assisting them in suicide, because they can’t cope with the torture of thought of not being able do things that they use to do.

The fact people who use to be able to walk, talk and etc couldn’t understand how people from adults, teens and children be able to live like the way are. I mean being disabled and their families have to look after them with constant care all the time; until one day something happens to them, they become throwing a hissy fit and take laws into their own hands because they don’t want to be like it anymore. 

Personally they should stop being selfish; they shouldn’t have the right to commit suicide with the help of a physician. Kids, young people and adults who were born with a disability who may not understand; non verbal, and many more things don’t can’t say how they feel or anything. They grew up with the constant care, medication, hospital treatment and everything else. 

At least people who had a life that lead to be a normal one before anything else happened; at least they got a life before it was taken away from them, so just grow a pair and do one because I’ve been on both sides. You have no understanding or how hard it is to see children having seizures, and everything everyday. They have it far more worse than we do when we become disabled; so don’t be blooming disgusting by asking a doctor to help you die, get over yourself and deal with it like everyone else can. Even Stephen Hawkins has out lived his condition; he was just having a normal life, then became the most cleaver of them all. Even when he’s disabled. If he can do it you can. 

There is life after having a terrible outcome but you jus have to work through it; the pain barriers are there to get you to fight back, what do you think the soldiers do when they become disabled. Give up hope or pick themselves back up again? They pick themselves up again. Not everything is about you. Going to stop as this makes me so mad. 

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