Dear Theresa

Have you ever thought of taking Corbyn with you; as he’s taking you down, you might as well go down in history together. Just thought in the future our children will think; thank god we don’t have the, in power anymore. Just a thought.

You may of heard of me or you may not but I don’t have any qualifications of any sort of politics; but I do have to say for myself I do know for certain you need to quit whilst your a head, because at the end of the day I know I’m watching every move you make and then BOOM! I’m on the good old iPad with the blogs going on left right and centre; ideas here and there, oh what’s that? You’ve been thrown to the mix as well; along in my magic cauldron for horrible politics who can’t get their facts right, or keep their word during the election and then change it in the queen speech. 

On which I do have to say you have been owned by the queen that day. We all know that you are a lair; have you ever thought of taking Corbyn down with you, he’s pretty much similar as he’s trying to take you down. You might as well go down together that will make history; oh just thought about a your quotes off yours that you said few weeks back, the future of our children will look back and thank god we don’t have either of them in power. 

You said once that “we would look back at all of this and say what we did to make Britain great again”. So far you haven’t made Britain great again; that’s completely untrue, along with the most biggest lie ever. Do you even know how to make Britain great again? Look at the things that the public have done in the recent months; from terror attacks to burning tower block, we are the ones that make Britain great as we work together as one. Knowing what to do when things like this come our way; we are the ones protecting our English soil, we are the ones protecting each other, we are the ones that win the awards for sports, acting, singing and many more. We are the ones doing the British public proud; we get rewarded for things that get recognition from the Queen, don’t hear many politicians getting anything like that these days. I wonder why? 

Personally I think you’ve had too much power; Corbyn is also wants power but personally I believe neither of you should have the power, the power should go back to the Royal who should have the final say in everything. Not what politics want them to say. Delaying the queen speech was bad enough along side asking for more time. By that don’t you think it’s time to resign from all politics and become one of us. 

Then you will know what it’s like to live on a budget; not having any money, start working your way back up again. Like monjority of the people have to start working their way back because they have lost everything. Live the life of a normal human being for once; if you actually know what one is, I personally don’t think you do know what one is. 

I don’t even know if you know the meaning of budget; I recoil that when you were the Home Secretary or what ever you were when Cameron was in power, we all saw it coming that you wanted to be in power. Since you wanted to cap the public sector; not a care in the world that we will suffer the consequences of those actions by you, and still suffering from them to this day. 

All I can say is that it is time for you to go and take down Corbyn with you; as you both are bad as each other, yet no one dare to speak out because they are feared to be sacked for not agreeing or supporting either of you.

Don’t think this will be the last of hearing of me. I will find out away when you at least expect it because I know things that you don’t even know about.
Signing off now 


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