Anxiety vs the bed sheets/covers


Think I’ve just gone mad! Haha literally just started to strip my bed at about 2:10am in the morning of Monday 17th April 2017. All because I felt like I was been bitten by something; on which makes me feel really itchy, then made me turn into one over drive anxious person. As I’m writing this right now I can feel every inch of my body itchy; trying to reframe of itching it, just hoping it’s just my figure of imagination. 

Gave up I had to itch it so much; to the amount of nervousness of thinking that I’ve been bitten or something that had been touching me but left something for me to itch, it became an fear of the u known of what is going on why would I end of up starting to strip my bed of the night. 

As I anxiously put one of my blankets over the mattress bed sheet to help cover the mattress; I thought I’ll see if that will help me feel less itchy on my arms and the rest of my body, well it help for awhile just to help me to get some sleep for the night. However my mood still didn’t change in the morning; my skin was so itchy so was my hair, I was starting to loose it for awhile until I forced myself to go and have a shower. 

The nice damp, warm water helped to reduce the most of the anxiety and the irrational itches on my scalp and my skin had stopped. As I was out in my local town centre with one of my parents; that’s when everything had started again, the anxiety and the itchyness of the skin. Felt like I was going to loose it with someone even though it’s not their fault; but when I’m in that state of mind it’s a lot harder to get out off, after my experience on Friday night without knowing what happened after I actually fell asleep. 

Until my friend said the next day I was so jumpy like I was going to kill them or wanted them to save me from something. So all in all I think it was just my anxiety kicking in badly last night; not my bed sheets or my bed covers, something must of triggered it to be that bad. Where I was on edge all day and taking it on people. Such fun. 

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