Age before beauty

Introduction Do you ever find yourself when you take a photo of yourself or do something that someone points out to you that you do the exact same thing as someone else in your family? I get that a lot even some people say that I look younger that I am. Which is a nice compliment if you ask me. 

Age before beauty 

When you look at yourself; sometimes you think I don’t feel pretty enough or feel comfortable in your own skin, you think why should I bother trying to make myself feel any better than I do already. I’m like that most days of the week to be honest; then I look at my pictures over the years or weeks, notice how much my face can change when I have different hair colours or different shape hair cut. 

I get compliments where people ask me how old I am? I tell them that I’m 26; to their surprise they thought I would be like 18-20, which is quite nice complement and also maybe a bit higher but don’t get that often. I’m not the only one in my family that doesn’t age either they still look like a school boy; I don’t see it but then when you look back at the pictures, your like oh yeah they do a bit or I do a bit. I think I take after someone in the family to be honest; it’s like my skin where it’s so soft that I can easily bruise easily or accidentally cut myself on something, I defiantly take after someone on that front I can tell you that right now.

I always want to know where my looks come from but I don’t have any photos of my other relatives to have a look at; but then again as I’m writing this along with looking at the photos at the top, I can see some resemblance of some of my relatives on the other side of my family that I barely know. I don’t know I’m just guessing as much as anyone else to be honest. 

Age and beauty is a funny thing when it comes to looks; as no one can really explain to you how it works, also you sometimes you may look like your family but sometimes you don’t look anything like them at all. I know that from experience also. 

Have a good day everyone. Enjoy yourselves as much as you can.

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