5 Ways to style your blog paperwork


This week the Hustle and Bustle of Blogging Advice is back; as I was trying to think of what to do for this Thursday feeling, I was pulling out notes off my clipboards/folders trying to figure out what title to use for this weeks #throwbackthursday. I saw this title of 5 Ways to style….; I thought why not do 5 ways to style your blog paperwork, when recently I’ve been creative with my blog paperwork and might as well share it with everyone else. How’s that for a throwbackthursday week huh pretty awesome don’t you think. 

5 Ways to style your blog paperwork

Come to see what the 5 Ways to style your blog paperwork? Is that a yes. Good answer I like that answer a lot; well you have come to the right place anyways, it’s not always that easy when your trying to be come a successful blogger for any social media sites. Unless your doing it for fun that’s okay; but still want to learn how to keep up with paperwork etc in case it does take off, some people don’t even realise how much it would cause the internet by storm. 

So this is my 5 Ways of styling my blog paperwork:

5. I’m always looking out for new ways; such as looking up ideas such like, planning, yearly planning and etc. I use the Pinterest a lot of ideas for all that stuff and to be able to use some of the freebies; to be able to get started as a base line, then go on from there. 

4. I’m pretty much a colour coded freak when it comes to my blog paperwork; I’ve always been like with my writing overs the years of being an author of some of my stories, it’s quite calming and enjoyable. Most probably OCD when it comes to the colour coding as everything has to be the same colour for each thing; either that there’s something wrong with me, I even colour coded my boards to separate the whole blogging, goals and now my reminders in three different colours but waiting to get some money so that I can order the colour that I want. 

3. I prefer pen and notebook. Notebook and pen are like my weapon of ideas; as I love the feel of the pen touching the pages, as it glides over the lines. I even made labels for my note books; so that I know that I know which is which because at the end of the day, I know what I have done and what not or there’s a few ideas that I may use or don’t use. 

2. Creating tags is the best thing ever; I spend way too much time designing tags, I do have to say it is one of my guilty pleasures to do. I use canvas, photo editor and multi-picture collection. For me it becomes easier to know what I want; no how to design it how I want it as the best thing I could do, or close enough so that it’s good enough to post along side my blogs.

1. Is to be able to feel confident in sharing your 5 ways of style your blog paperwork. If you feel like you have the confidence and self believe to share it; give if ago there is no harm done if something that works for you, can work for someone else as well. I always think and say “sharing is caring” yeah I know it’s hard if you don’t get on with people; but you have to get on for the sake of the other person, I would like to give you a challenge of giving this ago and see what you come up with. 

I hope this is useful to you all; I actually play around to see what works with me all the time, still do now for somethings. Something’s stick and something’s don’t but adapt it to your own needs; I always adapt things that are different along side certain what I can cope without feeling so intimidated, for a example an A4 piece of paper. I genuinely hate an A4 piece of paper because of the thought of having to fill up the whole paper with ideas and etc. I have a lot of struggle with that; so I adapt it for my needs for ideas by folding the piece of paper into A5 sizes, then I feel a whole lot better that each size of the A4 is covered in notes after I had finished. 

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