10 Things That Makes Me Want To Stop Thumper!

The time when you know that your going to get a really bad headache coming; when it gets to the point of thumping like Thumper from Bambi comes along, and ends up getting his bouncing gear on and starts thumping against your skull. Yep I got that we’ll get that most days.

So 10 things that makes me want to stop Thumper from thumping my head on average day to day life; so that I can get on and do things can be quite tricky, especially you know whats causing the problems of the headache in the first place. 

  1. Overthinking can cause my Thumper to thump my brain like I’ve been hitting my head against a brick wall. 
  2. Stress can cause my Thumper to come when you just at least expect it. 
  3. Mental Health when my brain starts to go all funny and you can just about to hear and feel Thumper in the background thumping hard trying to be heard.
  4. The fact that when I’ve been crying so much I strain myself without realising and theres that thumping sound again. 
  5. Cold or a flu thats coming my way and thats when I begin to wonder why I get the thumping against my skull. 
  6. Sinus headache when they are all blocked up and begin to throb hard
  7. When shouting at someone or something thats when it makes my head hurt due to the fact that; I’m so like one of my parents that I go from 0-60 in five seconds.
  8. When my face starts twitching so much that it gives me the headaches because my face cant stop twitching.
  9. Sleeping too much or too little or just feeling goggle in the mornings
  10. Just when you feel like your a net between two houses that shout and your like a ping pong ball or tennis ball being hit back and fourth. That can give you headache at the best of times.

The fact that I just didn’t write what the title was actually about but heyho might as well change it like 10 things to avoid Thumper coming to attack my head. Or 10 things that I wish Thumper wouldn’t do to my head. I think I might of made a gobble goose of this weeks Wednesday post; it was a good idea to do it at the time when I had it, heyho Thumper looks to cute to not carry it out so no. 

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