The Daily Stories – Sooty and Bohney (Sweep) Adventures – Adoption Process unexpected!

Yesterday (4.8.18) I went with my family to an adoption center for all animals I genuinely thought we were taking a look round at the cats not expecting to pick one  let along two. However my sister wanted a cat two years ago my parents agreed that she could have one; so we were just looking around the cattery section we really liked one kitten but he was like a lose cannon where we would of had to be on them all the time because he was so lively like nobody knows. 

We went round to the other side of the cattery and saw two other cats that we really liked. My sister really liked one of them but they were sisters and came a pair to take home one of my parents convinced my sister where it’s best to have two to keep each other company when we aren’t around during the day. When they are are a bit older and are alright to leave alone a bit longer. 

We had a stroke with the two kittens one tried to high five me then trying to nibble me; I think it was actually expecting me to have treats for it but I didn’t have anything on me sadly but now I know what to do when it arrives, just bribe it with treats once in awhile and I think it was getting use to me to be honest with you. We went round to look at this first one we thought we liked but he was so cute and adorable we knew he was going to be a handful getting into everything. Especially if we let him lose in the garden when he was a bit older and falling into the pond. It was bad enough trying to get the fish where we wanted them. Haha. Along with the tiny little fish getting its confidence up since we got him; now he’s swimming about confidently, and everything else. 

We literally ended up having the two kittens we all stroked because they were immediately the ones that fitted into our family; quiet, friendly, gentle, scared, confident and needed the friendly people to give them love. We would be getting them next weekend on Saturday we are all giving my sister a hand to look after them also it will give me something to look after as an adult and for my mental health state. 

Am so stoke can’t wait for them to come and I’ve started to make a few things and have a few things that I don’t use anymore that they can destroy as much as they can because I really don’t mind. Can’t wait. 

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