Daily Stories – Daily Reminders Of The Losses – You walked with me footprints in the sand

13 years ago was on 7th July 2005 was the day England had become a new target nobody knew what to do at the time as it was the first time it happened. Since then we became strong; worked together and helped each other out by risking our lives knowing that it can happen at any time now. You probably thinking why I am writing this; 13 years ago I was just 14 years old at the time when the first terror attack happened, last year I was just 26 years old when the 3 more happened in a space of few months of each other. Tube stations and a bus was a target back then in 2005 no one could ever forgive what happened then; they still can’t now alone with the others that they’ve hit last year, and yet this time they failed because we are strong and there’s nothing the terrorists can do about it now. I’m going to write a story through an eye of a victim. 

I remembered the day you walked with me through the tunnel like footprints in the sand; holding my hand whilst I was being carried to safety because I had lost my legs, I was just 14 years old at the time and by the time we got to the platform I could see the light. By the time we reached to the top of the underground you and my other saviour came along because I had no one else; all my friends had died at the scene, we were just going to school and I just wanted my mum I was so scared and frightened. 

You helped me to understand where I’m going; no matter what you two had witnessed you still had strength to carry on to help me, you walked with me into the hospital when I was all alone and with so much unknown along the way. I heard you say “I promise you I will always be there when your heart filled with sorrow and despair I will carry you when you need a friend. You’ll find my footprints in the sand” 

I could see my life flash across the sky so many times that I have been afraid and this time I was afraid that I might not make it through the operation. When I woke up I see you both laying either side of me with your heads down next to my hands clutching them; just when I thought I literally lost my way of what just happened to me, my parents were nowhere to be seen just the two strangers who brought me here. 

The man stirred after he felt the squeeze of mine he woke and tapped the lady on the shoulder to wake her up; they both looked at me with tears down my cheeks, I knew my parents had died with the gut instinct but how and the lady had asked “what number bus do they take for work?” All I remember was that they were going on the bus that day for a change and told them what number. 

I cried uncontrollably the pain from my legs and my wounds didn’t matter to me anymore; I lost my best friends and my parents all on the same day, I was officially an orphan and no one was there to help me get through this. Over the due course of the weeks I had learnt the lady and the man were actually a couple named Matty and Izzy Johnson; they took it in turns to seek medical advice and seeking help for PSTD, everyone were surprised how much they coped of what happened to them but also taking on a 14 year old teen. I was their strength to carry on for them they gave me strength to carry on.

They told me one day if it was okay with me to let them adopt me as they couldn’t find anyone that was a living relative. I said “yes” because they had been there for me ever since that day happened; I remembered the day when Izzy had once said to me “I promise you I’m always there when your heart is filled with sorrow and despair. I’ll carry you when you need a friend” 

Every since the day came or near the time leading it up to it I use to have nightmares about it like it was continually happening; I would be screaming I would find Matt and Izzy come running down the stairs, Matt wrapping his arms around me after grabbing me before I fell to the floor and I knew that he would always be there to catch my fall. 

The words that they always say to me from day one “I promise you that I’m always there even when you’re heart is filled with sadness and despair I’ll carry you when you need a friend because you will find my footprints in the sand” it became our family motto to which I had written on my wall when I moved in. Especially designed by amazing people so that I can get around the house myself and helps Matty and Izzy. They’ve saved my life and I’ve saved theirs that day. Yet I can’t forgive the people who did this. 

Please remember the victims who were injured and still fighting for their lives until now and remember the victims who lost their lives that day. 

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