Daily Routines – Sisters forever – Kittens changed my life

Since having the kittens for nearly over a month now; I’ve been at peace with myself, always cheering me up because they are so cute and cheeky together. They are so lively and hyperactive when they are playing together; along with when they have finished playing and chasing after each other they fall asleep next to each other. 

Both bubbas know when one another is upset, scared, in trouble and etc because they protect each other and comfort each other. They even know when someone else is sad, upset, tired and scared they either sit near by or sit and lay next to you like they are protecting you and your protecting them. 

Either one or the other or both follow me around or come into my room just because they love having me in their presences. Along with having lots of cuddles and kisses when they can as well as having the confidence and comfort to come to me for them when it’s needed. 

I call them bubbas because they are my babies when my sister isn’t around as they are hers but they are always be my babies no matter what. I’m quite protective over them; I don’t know what I would do without them to be quite honest with you, at the the end of the day I know they are my sisters kittens and they go where ever she goes. 

Both of them remind me of me and my sister in so many ways from being protective and teaching one another things to having some sort of bounding together. Even once my sister fell asleep in my room when she was little which was funny. The fun thing is that seeing the kittens like being together always reminds me when me and my sister were together. 

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