Daily Routines – Daily Beauty – Kittens vs Hair Dryer

Today of all days (28.8.18) I had to have a shower and needed to wash my hair otherwise I would left it greasy and looking rough. I then thought no I need to get it done because I hate looking rough and everything. So I did my normal routine as per normal; well try to anyway because I was drying my hair and the kittens were like what is it that loud sound, so I did my normal turn it on and off again for them to get use to it. 

However they didn’t like it very much even though they have heard my hair dryer and two other peoples hair dryers in the house hold. They still haven’t got use to it; in the end I turned it off because I didn’t want to get them become distressed or anything, and I left my hair to dry itself. 

I carried on doing what I do in my normal routine; put my hair extensions in whilst my hair was still wet part dried, and my make up on as per normal whilst my hair was still drying. Completely forgot that my hair go completely fizzy and curly as bad as it can go. But luckily my hair extensions were in because it would of been a lot worse that it is right now. 

I don’t mind it going fizzy and curly but would be nice to be able dry monjority of it. When it’s just you and the kittens no one else was in incase they went nuts. They haven’t done it for awhile for something that they didn’t know what’s going on. Yet sometimes they are alright but it’s funny that one of them doesn’t like my hair brush because they don’t know what it is. What’s even more funny is that sometimes they want to get into my make up when the box is open because they are so intrigued by what’s inside then again they know to sit away near me and not go near it. 

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