My Creations – Poetry – Seeing her, hearing about her kills me inside

It’s just like yesterday you were apart of me like you were my everything kismet nothing could go wrong. Now that I can’t breathe, I can’t sleep, I don’t think I could carry on. 

No matter how many tears that I cry you would never understand how broken up inside, you say “I act like her” there’s another person as well who likes you, seeing and hearing about them it’s like I’m not good enough for you. 

As my heart bleeds, no bandages can heal these wounds, you have literally gone to far this time. I don’t know what to do because it’s killing me inside. 

I’ve done so much for you, I’ve been patient, took all the anxiety abuse from you, I cared about you, all you do is continually break my heart. 

I am so tired of seeing her, hearing about her it’s killing me inside. You make out it’s all my fault. I’m not taking it anymore. You either love me more than anything else or just let me go. 

Here I am once again torn into pieces, broken up deep inside, you would never see how many bandages I use to stop the bleeding inside. I just want to be swallowed up deep inside, you would never see the cries that I have been shedding because of you. 

I thought you were the one. My head is so confused no matter what it is wrong; you always change what you say, like I say something and we are on the same page, you take to steps back. 

Here we are once again seeing her, hearing about her is killing me inside because I’m still in someone’s shadow. You really don’t love me if you did you would off let go of the past, your still clinging on because you still love her. 

Written and credits are by Lizzy 

Allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to Lizzysweeklyblogs Company 

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