Everyday Post: Monday Tales – My new morning routine

I’ve got a new routine now and it works amazing well last week; I’ve got two little helpers to help me out, well they just be a bit nosey in what I’m doing or nosing around before they settle down but generally they are on the windowceil in my room looking out or laying on my bed whilst I do my morning routine. 

Yes I have two four legged friends they aren’t mine they are one of my siblings who owns the kittens; I help look after them during the week on which gives us the great bondness you could ask for, they’ve got their routine and they know roughly when I do my make up and hair. I do leave my door open when I’m in the room so that they know that I’m in there and that they are allowed to come in to chill out. 

I pretty much get up or wake up around six or so drifting in and out of sleep because I know it would be the kittens breakfast at about 7:00/7:10am. I sometimes open the door that they sleep in before that I make sure that every other room is closed for the time being; let them roam the places that they are allowed to go into for that time in the morning, warn my parents that they are out roaming so that they don’t jump without realising that they are there when they come out, making sure my sister is either up or a wake if it’s a work day or a weekend and let them find her so that they can tell her that they want food. 

I give them a good morning stroke and if they want it I’ll pick them up and give them a cuddle before they try to wiggle out of my arms. I go back to bed (this is because I’m currently on holiday) with my door closed because I know someone try and get into something that they not meant to be in. Whilst my sister gives them their breakfast either after she has hers if it’s a work day or she’s on a weekend I’ll let her deal with them as she leaves her door open. 

I then get up and have my breakfast and do what I need to do. They know that they’re not allowed to jump up onto the sofa if I’m having my breakfast. Quickly got in the shower and got dressed opened my door so that the kittens could come in and then when they worked out that my door is wide open for them to come in. 

They explore a bit but sometimes they come straight to my bed and jump up. Sometimes they wait for me to pick them up for cuddles because they love the whole cuddles and loving that I give them. They then explore my bed and the window once they have done that they become settled and either sit on the windowceil or curl up on my bed. In order for me to finish of what I need to do like my make up and hair. 

Thats pretty much my morning routine now because the kittens are my life and get me up and organised for the day, 

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