Christmas Blogs 18 – Whats going to be different this year?

This year is going to be different and very strange due to lot has happened over the past year since the last Christmas. To be honest nobody really expected things would change so dramatically to one family to the next; however you just going to have to make do, along with some changes for the sake for yourselves and people around you. 

I can speak out for myself on this as well this is because at the start of the year I lost someone close and they were apart of my family; now that they not here anymore it’s going to be hard especially for the family member who’s blood relative it was, few months later someone else I know looses a family member and that’s hard as well. 

Not only this that is different we have kittens to consider about because some people don’t like cats so we will have to think about how we can change what we have to do or work around it. Plus we not sure how a few family members would react in the afternoon but everything is up in the air. 

Also in a long run we don’t even know what the kittens will get up to with Christmas Tree. As it’s our first time having them and it’s their first time seeing a Christmas tree being up. I think I’ll have to change where we will probably take it down before my birthday but that’s depending on how well the kittens cope with Christmas tree. So watch out for more Christmas Blogs and over in the other blog on there are going to be Christmas blogs stories where you’ll find the kittens first christmas stories as well. 

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