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"I'm not a big guy anyway. I'm only, what, 150 pounds? I was 190 for 'Batman,' 179 for 'Warrior.' Films make you look big. – Tom Hardy"

As I've got so many charities and fundraising accounts going on I've officially decided to do Long Term and Short Term page for blogs for Charities that I am supporting and fundraising for. This is because not only I'm blogging for pleasure but also making my readers and followers know that I'm not one of those sorts of bloggers who are just out for money money money. I don't want a man after midnight to get me out of here. Whatever the song goes please let me know how it goes. I can't remember the song title I think it's Gimmie Gimmie Gimme a man after midnight to chase the dark night or shadows away. Who knows.
The fact that my puns are getting worse by the minute through out this charity page; I don't know if it is or not but I'll let you decide on that one, as you read on through out the page.

Long Term Charities for Lizzysweeklyblogs are:

Sentebale: I could go straight into a pun with this one but I'm not sure if my friend Prince Harry would be cool for it; but then again never make jokes or puns with him or especially he's around, he comes out on top until you get the top notch one that he won't think of any. Errr I'm going to do it anyway can't help myself with this one. "To be able to say "I've sent the money" you have to send the money before press the button sent" think it sound much better in my head the out loud. And I'm going to leave that one hanging I think.

Sentebale was founded in 2006 by the good man himself Prince Harry his co-pilot is Prince Seeiso after taking a cap year in 2004 Prince Harry knowingly what he wanted to do with his life. Following the love of Africa taking after his Grandmother Queen Elizabeth and his late mother Princess Diana true princess in my growing up eyes. The only way he can be free and normal with everyone like they have done previously with his mother and his grandmother.

For more information, events and how to raise money yourself here is one of my favourite many hyperlinks that I think you will get sick of me attaching them to each section of this page. It's going to be over soon enough I promise. Sentebale socks are more sensible than no socks at all

Challnengers: Challengers is home headquarters in Guildford Surrey United Kingdom it has a little base in Farnham Surrey United Kingdom to help out but most of the work goes on at Guildford Headquarters. I have worked at all three schemes in Guildford from Play, Youth and Young Adults at the time I was working for the charity between the time of 2012-2015. You could say "man she must be good if she's been posted all three stages of the schemes" my man home base was youth but I didn't mind getting posted to different schemes in the area the fact that you get to experience a lot of needs in the areas; it's quite nice to be able to do things that are different to anything else.

Challengers is set up across Surrey and Hampshire covering lots of different areas to help support local families to have restbite for themselves and their child who needs full time care. For example: if a Special Needs child has any other siblings who need to have time with their parents and the special needs child want to be able to have some time apart for a day and be with their friends Challengers are the best place to be.

To find out more information, events and how to raise money for the charity for yourself here is the cute little hyperlink to click on Challengers are too cool for school

Short Terms for Lizzysweeklyblogs are:

Sentebale starting Nigeria Home Centre: The fact that I'm apart of this whole crazy experience of working with Prince Harry, Sentebale Charity and the people out in Nigeria. You think I might of gone mad; creating two blog sites, fundraising, keeping up the blogs and everything else. To the fact of answering to your question yes, yes I am mad and crazy in doing all but hey guess what I don't care. At least I know I'm doing what I love doing at the end of the day. I'm raising children's voices so that they can be heard, be listened to and most importantly knowingly they are being loved and cared for.

For more information, updates and etc please go to and for donations please go to this another awesome link Our Stories, Our Cases and Our Voices

Challengers in Memory of…: "Past 6 years supporting children in Special Needs environment has taught me a lot about myself and for them. The fact that I am greatful that I had lots of help in reading, writing and begin to talk at the age of 5/6 roughly due to being deaf.
The six years and still continuing to fight for the Special Needs Children's rights of their voices to be heard. I am not giving up on them like they are my own children.
It's amazing feeling of being able to be in their world because they accept you into their world and tell you in their own way what they want to know.

The sense of achievement, accomplishment and acceptance of both myself and the child that I'm with. " Challengers Schemes "my link of fundraising is the cute fancy blue hyperlink hehe being fancy here guys." – Lizzy x