#throwbackthursday: Do you believe in people who would want to make a career out of writing?

I’ve never stopped believing in others who want to make a career in something that they love to do; unless they haven’t got the passion or self driven to help themselves to push themselves forward to do it, if they expect to have it handed to them. Then why should I even bother trying to help them at all.
I always have time and see people’s potential in them if they want to write them write; I can help them as much as I can with knowledge, experience and how I work around the difficult times when it comes to a writer’s block. I help a blogger out time to time; when they don’t PROOF READ THERE WORK! Haha I know at the best of times it’s hard to see where the wrong places are or you’re not sure where you put your grammars. Even if your grammars are in the right place or not.

I even get them wrong half the time. It’s not easy. It just practice and get someone to help you or have someone secretly do it for you and email them to you. That’s what I do to be honest and I get the whole OMG! Or that’s cool. I’ve only get like one whole blog needs correcting or just one or two paragraphs needed editing. I like it even better that I don’t have to do anything at all.

I’m like yay night off from proofreading someone’s work. I always make sure that I write my blog posts or stories out by hand or on a word document because I can proof read my work as I’m going along. I don’t read many books but when I do it takes me a month or so to read them; but that’s me struggling with reading anyways due to learning difficulties, however reading other people’s blogs, reading over my stories and blogs I can prove my reading other ways. You have to find away that suits you because it’s not work but being a better writer you have to proof read your work before hitting the publish button.

Plan what your going to write out on a word document or be old school and write it out on piece of paper because at the end of the day that’s the only way to learn and teach yourself to learn from your mistakes as a writer. This isn’t a nag just away to help you proof your writing skills.

How to become a better writer?

How to become a better writer for me is to be able to explore more ways within yourself on how you want to do things; what do you actually want to write, research on other authors, bloggers and etc to see what they use and how to be tactical with it all. This is where you don’t actually steal their way of writing; but adapt and adopt it to the way you want to write your work, this way you can find yourself in the moment of using what you have and expand it more. 

Over the years I’ve been creating lots of different ways to help me to be more flexible; more creative, more useful to improve my work. It’s like a trial and error for me when I think “oh that won’t work…let’s try it this way?” Or “let’s do it that way” either way don’t panic on how much time you have waisted. It’s better to keep updating your style of writing along side how you organise the way you do things. 

It maybe like “ahh I can’t do this I want to give up and stick to my bad habits” you’ll be fine your bad habits are like there telling you; if you don’t change now you’ll won’t approve your writing skills, believe me I’m always improving things it’s not wrong to improve areas that your weaknesses show because you can turn them from a negative to a positive. 

The amount of times I wanted to scream; shout, saying my work isn’t good enough and etc. Believe when I look back now I was like actually no one actually read my stuff before college; only my sister actually heard my stories to which she knows how good my work is, until I went to college and then I went to go on to blogging years later. If it wasn’t for blogging I wouldn’t of found out how good my work is until the number of views started coming. 

I’ve found an article the 10 simpler ways of becoming a writer on a website called The Muse. This helps you to understand; how to work with your writing and your skills that you want to improve on. Click this link to go to the website to read more about it. https://www.themuse.com/advice/10-simple-ways-to-become-a-better-writer

On Pinterest you can lots of boards for writers and bloggers to help and guide you to what you would like to write along with how you can present it the way you want to. There are boards about what you wish you knew before you started and what mistakes that you should avoid; personally I wouldn’t read them because I rather teach myself then someone telling me what I should avoid and what I should do, I know that this sounds a bit of a hypocrite because I’m telling you how to become a better writer. I’m not going to stop you from reading them; it’s just my view of things you might pick up their bad habits or you may think actually that actually works for me, not sure what their problem is. At the end of the day I’m just giving you advice on how I do things and how things work with me. It’s not the end of the world for people saying different things but it’s your mind, your work, you choose how you want to work and write your grovvey stuff. We all in the same boat giving each other guidance and advice. 
All the best 


The best decision you can ever make

How did Vocal Media find you? 

Vocal Media found me via Twitter due to the fact that my blog feed goes via there once it’s published, I’m not too sure how long they’ve been watching me with my blogs going up. Everyday, every week, every month of every year. I can’t even keep up myself to be honest with you; however they found me, direct message me via twitter and I had a look at it. 

What made you go with Vocal Media?

To be honest I didn’t even know what Vocal Media was to be honest; I was happily doing my blogs on my normal blog website, I still do because it’s my main site everything has to go on there first unless if it’s a good blog then I’ll submit it to Vocal Media. So basically at the time of looking at it; I signed up to it to begin with because I thought I might as well, but I still didn’t understand it to begin with so I messages back to the person on Twitter to begin with. 

In my opinion didn’t really help as much of answering my questions; so I sent an email to the site to which I got a reply back from someone, who was really helpful and became a good adviser. Which really helps me to improve my work a lot better and more focus on what I needed to do. 

Will Vocal Media help you to improve your work?

In a lot of ways Vocal Media help you to explore lots of different ways of writing your blogs in so many ways; they have lots of categories that you can write for, the format is quite easy to use and different to the format that you use on your own website. 

It took me a few attempts to work it out and getting to the point of why it kept on coming back unapproved. Got me thinking why isn’t my work good enough? Why isn’t it letting me post things? The person who contacted me didn’t really explain it properly and plus they didn’t really help as much as there was no information about the site what so ever. Well what I could find anyways. So I emailed the site management time with my questions; might of threatened to leave the site because I couldn’t get it to work, obviously it wasn’t me doing anything wrong it was the guidelines that they follow. Might need to make the guidelines a bit more clearer on the website guys; if you want to attract more writers in, just a tip maybe up to you to decide. 

Anyways so this lovely lady who is amazing and a star in my eyes and a great mentor for me any road up; came back to me with all the information that I needed, ever since then I drop here an email saying a blog post is about to come your way. Let me know if everything is cool and it’s in the right category or even if I put it in a category of what I think it might be; then say I think it might to be in the other category, not 100% sure sometimes I’m right on cue I’ve got it in the right category and sometimes she comes back to say “your right it should be in that other category that you said. I’ll swap it over and publish it for you” for that to be able to work I wouldn’t of been able to progress further in my writing career if I didn’t have that mentor or support.

Do you put all of your work up on there or do you pick and choose which ones?

I don’t put all my work up there because I think it would be too much in one go; secondly I rather pick and choose which ones that will do well, and which don’t go so well. This is because it shows that at the end of the day I know which ones I can earn a living out off and the ones that I won’t make a living out off. Like for example this one and yesterday’s (Sunday 17th June 2017) blog post will be a good one to be posted up on Vocal Media because I have the gut instinct of these two posts will do well than others. 

All you have to do is a leap of faith and chance it. At the end of the day you think why didn’t I do that; I could of been living my dream as a writer by now, you know what? I’m glad that I took that leap of faith because if I didn’t I would still be wishing and dreaming away the things that I could of done. 

I’m going to walk 600 words and counting!

I’m going to walk 600 words and counting!

‘”Are you mad!” Cried three Borthwright children; as they looked at me to say I’ve told them that their story was coming to an end, “who you calling mad? Surely not me.” Smirked Tom as he came into the conference room taking a seat next to me. “No!” Exclaimed Stacie. “Lizzy’s going to walk 600 words!” Said James tripping over his words on which I’ve never noticed that one before, note to self in my journal. “How can she walk 600 words when she’s already done more than that writing the Tales of you three” the two pondered for a moment; then some odd non Verbal talk came from Duncan on which he hasn’t done in a very long time. I knew what he meant. “Duncan is right. So’s Tom I have done more 600 words writing the Tales of you three” I told them. They were even more stunned that I just translated Duncan’s talk. – Author of Lizzy Arrow – the Tales of Duncan, Stacie and James Borthwright. @copyrightlizzyarrow @allrightsreserevedlizzyarrow

Not bad for nearly 200 hundred summery there of what this blog is about; weren’t to sure how I was going to write this blog for today but it helped having some input in from my characters, on which I need to work on at some point just to finish it all off. 600 words isn’t too bad on a good day; on a bad day then your stuck because you know you wanted to write, but you can’t because the barrier of the 600 words and counting seems to be difficult. 
I didn’t have much of a problem when I was younger I would just write and write; even with the practice of doing word counts tests, however it didn’t matter to much in the end but when writing for a company and they want certain amount of words. It takes more brain power than you can imagine; I can tell you know I’m like half way there at this point of this blog I’m on the half mark of 369, exact point of number is where I have got up too. 

I recommend it to you guys to give it ago of doing 600 words because you never know who might come into contact with you on the grand scheme of things; I would also ask the client questions of what you need to know such like do I need to get it approved by the company? How many words do I need to pass? What sort of categories are there? Is the company real or a fraud? Every little detail before you make any assumptions of agreeing and taking part in a group investor. 

The group I’m with I thought I’ll give it ago to see what it’s like; it did take me a while to understand what I was meant to be doing, but had help with one of the people who goes over it. I always email them to give them a heads up that I’m just about to post a blog post; they have a snap it up, give it a quick read and let me know if I needed to do any changes or if I put it in the wrong category they let me know. It is very handy to have someone on the inside to be able to help; to guide you, and most importantly help you to change your ways of bad habits. 

This goes to can happen with short stories, blog stories and blog posts that you are extremely passionate about. Give it all ago write 600 words on something that you like about; edit it, read it again, if it needs to be edit again, but guess what edit it again if you think it does and if it doesn’t that cool. If you can see if you could do some competitions if you feel ready to or set up your own blogs good for you; go for it, I believe that you can do it. Without my blog website I wouldn’t be able to still continuing to write or be encourage to put my work forwards to a Blog Media where I get paid for it; I always thought my work was rubbish until I gave things a try, then one day boom people love my work. Just take a leap of faith and achieve your goals; I would more than happy just to sit at home, write away and not let anyone read my work other than my sister mainly my stories. She’s my big inspiration for me to carry on; don’t be afraid to take a risk, if it happens it happens and if it doesn’t it doesn’t. You gave it your best shot. Good luck peeps. X

Why didn’t I think of using IBooks for blogging/story writing?

Why didn’t I think of using iBooks for blogging/story writing?

The day I realised that I could use iBooks to save printables from Pinterest has given me the best way to keep hold of the originals and etc. It’s crazy you know; everytime I click on the a printable that I like the look of I would go via the internet to save it, not realising that I can save it in the iBooks. 

It’s amazing! Should use it more often as I thought it was just for books only; clearly not haha, I’m not blonde honestly I’m not. I like finding things the hard way most of the time; that’s the best way to learn if you ask me, until you cannot do it that’s when you ask for advice. 

How do you finish off the month with blogs?

How to finish off the month with blogs?

To be able to finish off a month with blogs I generally find it hard in some months but not in all the months; this month especially I’ve been grateful to get monjority of it all to done in one day so I can focus next months a gender, whatever that maybe when it comes we will find out. 

Having a day to be able to think, write, post or schedule for the next day or the few days later; is a god send because I don’t have to worry about it on the day, if I’m so tired or not feeling well or I’m busy for whatever reasons it is, I have something in place ready and not having to worry about the whole problem with what to write. All I have to worry is the paper work afterwards; which is confusing if I haven’t done anything over the month but luckily I have sorted out a system on which I’m hoping that it will work better next month than this month, as it’s all over the place.

To be able to just plan a head of the week is the best time today if you can; knowing what day goes where what the topic that you used, also to be able to have them in their correct sections/categories when your writing them out and that’s when you know you’ve done them if you had labeled at the bottom in red with a subject line before it saying when you have written, when you have completed, when you published it or schedule it and most importantly what categories you have put them under so you know what you have done. All of this helps me in a long run so that I can be able to update my own paperwork and have a look of what I have done. 

3 Things that I always have with me and why


Blogging is also part of Writing Career; it’s another foundation of becoming a writer by its own trade, a trade that people lots of people think they aren’t doing much and they are doing it just for fun. If you think about it. If you ask a teenager these days; “what do you do after school for fun?” I write blogs or I make YouTube videos, they don’t even realise they are still learning. It’s a catch 22 they really don’t see that they’ve been caught out. That’s another topic for next time I think; I may of opened up a can of worms on that one, I believe. 

3 Things that I have with me and why

Recently I’ve just got myself back into taking things that I may need when or if I come up with an idea. The three things that I take with me are, a notebook, stationary that I need and my ipad; I only take my iPad if I know that I’m going to be away from the house longer than I anticipated, however if I had my notebook and Post It’s etc I should be able to get by. 

The reason I have these things is because I never know when I get an idea; weather I’m on my breaks at work, if I’m out and about or even when I’m just at home there’s always ideas coming to mind that needed to be done. 

I always find that having these things on me are useful because it’s better than having make up in my bag to top up my face or my lips. You don’t really need to top of your face or anything if you have done it properly and the way you do it. Having the things that I really need is the ones that I can use when people need a piece of paper; like taking people’s orders when we are out having lunch somewhere different, it comes handy to have for to record. 

Oh for the love of writing! How much stuff have I got? 

Oh for the love of writing! How much stuff have I got?

My parents had moved a big green arm chair that once belonged to my great nan on my mum’s dad side of the family; they had to move it for my grandparents to use for their health reasons, one of my parents came in to ask me to sort out some folders that were left underneath the chair at the time. I went down to go and get them. Once I have brought them up; as I looked through I didn’t realise how much notes, stories and etc I had. 

My god I didn’t realise how much I gone through in my late teens when I was back at college 17-21 years old; the love of writing I did back then was truly amazing, it gave me that sense of wellbeing of joy and happiness that I loved about writing. It just gave me the greatest achievement, sense of achievement and accomplishment of being able to do something like creative writing and blogging to a whole knew level. 

Literally 3 files worth of old notes and stories that I use to write; on which now I am determined to carry on, achieving knowing that I can do this once and for all. Anyone can achieve their dreams if they can believe in themselves and work hard in what they want to do in life.

How to plan a full notebook and a full works of a story notebook


Today I’ve written this last night watching Eurovision; I’m kind of trying to distracting myself a lot as I’ve been in the most of the grumpiest most all day not sure what it was all about, but I’m fine now. 

How to plan a full notebook and a full works of a story notebook 

How to plan a notebook full of notes:

Planning a notebook full of notes for stories is quite easy really; whatever piece of scrap of paper or post it’s that you lay your hands on is the best thing as you do, having full of the notes in the notebook you can use your notes for all different stories. Over the years when I’m making notes I try different ways; like titling them if it’s for a perceive story to help me to remember it, put dates on them on which I’ve recently done and when I completed that post it if it’s part of a story that I’m writing, little bits of things that could be used as a story that I could stick in my notebook, notes from word documents or pages depending on what I’m using like laptop or iPad most things now I use iPad. 

But nevertheless I have used up all my favourite notebooks that I can’t even get the same ones; they either don’t have them in stock or the stationary has brought out new range, so I have to get comfortable with the one I pick up at the time. Even though I have loads in like three box fulls of notebooks but yet it’s not the right one or I’m not ready to use it just yet.

I just love playing around with the ideas and creating ways of using my notebooks from post it’s – just bullet points so that I can get my self interested and keep myself occupied. If you see my lizzysweeklyblogs notebooks it has loads of different ways of having notes on; from pen to paper, pen to post it’s, pen to scrap pieces of paper and printer ink to paper. I just love how full one book can get with full of ideas, notes, reminders and many more. Knowing that you created those ideas yourself and it’s a positive thing to do. 

Copyrights and Allrightsresereved belong to lizzysweeklyblogs and lizzyarrow         Allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to lizzysweeklyblogs and lizzyarrow 

How to plan a notebook full of stories: 
I prefer the old fashion way with pen to paper because it’s nice for me to practice reading, writing and spelling for me in a long run. The reason being is that being dyslexic and having language difficulties I try and not give up on doing what I love the most; yeah I fight and cry with it all but at the end of the day, I chose to do it no one told me to do. I could easily give up and use my learning difficulties as an advantage card; but I didn’t at the end of the day, I like the A5 size notebooks because they aren’t so intimidating than the A4 books or single pages. Unless I have to use an a4 book or piece of paper to scribble notes on that’s fine because I’m not using it as a story board. 

Never like A4 size paper anyways even when I did my exams because they seemed intimidating for me; I don’t know what it is but it’s like you have to full up loads of words, more ideas to make it more blocky meaning you have to fill the whole page up. With my I’m like having a mini panic attack because I can’t see to find any ideas or anything like that to fill it up.

You may find your a lot better with A4 size books than I am; it really does depend on what you are capable of using, along with your style of writing to be honest with you. Fulling up a notebook with a story is a great way to show that you have writing your first full draft out from all of your notes from your notes in your notebook; into one whole story which makes you even more prouder than anything, then you can type it up with the software that you use on any technology that you use at the time. 

I find it easier typing it up afterwards because I can add more into the story or take bits out or change things around; that’s the whole point of editing but I do find it at times intimidating still, if I’m in the frame of mind of how long do I get to reach the bottom and so on. I’m still like it after I printed it all off and have to read it all over again; then that’s when I start screaming and give up, unless I get someone else to read it over for me and edit it all so that I don’t have to worry about it all. Unless I’m reading it with someone out loud and make the changes with them then it’s far more easier than done. 

Ooh I just had an idea. I can do it with a few family members; ah that’s the best idea I have ever had in my life, you guys are amazing. Also just to let you know when I was writing this blog; didn’t really think much and it’s gone two pages and a bit, how amazing is that. 

If you would like anymore tips let me know and I’ll give you some more or do a blog for it so can have a read through and make notes. I have attached somewhere a photo of my two current books that I use for my stories and ideas for them. They are actually detected to one particular story because I like to keep them separate from the rest and I’m actually focusing on a story for it. Might share a snippet for you on the blog when it’s done.

What are you currently working on?


Fell in love with story writing once again; as I haven’t managed to get any creative juices to put pen to paper for a very long time, but since the past couple of days of reworking with May and the whole Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays events it’s given me great pleasure to be able to rework with my love for stories again. 

What am I currently working on?

Not like I have fallen out with it or anything; it’s just that at the best of times I struggle what to write, like I struggle with blogs when I don’t know what to write. I know I haven’t done an everyday blog for awhile but this one came to my head; so that means if something comes to my head, I’ll write it down and post it up. Please bare with me on that one. 

With this writing career I would like to be able to expand my short stories; but also share some of the stories with you that I’m writing, on which I’m going to share my favourite all time long running stories that I’ve been writing for a long time. However this shows that I want to see how much you really like the thought of these stories; if you do like them and won’t more of them, then I know I have a winner right there and give me more courage to expand them from online to publishing them. However I am giving this a trail for now to see what you might think of them; so keep an eye out to see what’s new, with the blog and also give me your opinion of what you may think of the stories when they arrive. I have one in the making for blog; please be patient with me as it’s taken me awhile to do so, also lots of planning has to go into it.