Calm before the storm 

Rebuilding our lives 

There’s not kids out on the street today; living in fear of what may happen to them if they step outside, we could be living on the moon protecting them as much as we can. Has everyone packed their bags and moved away? It’s going to be a very long, long, long Sunday afternoon; as I’m just killing time, kicking cans around all day long. 

You see police and armed forces walking around making sure we are all safe; in areas of the country the trend set out by youth workers and police, playing football against each other. Encouraging everyone to come out and join them. To be able to help rebuild lives of people who are too afraid to come out; you wonder if it will ever be calm once again before another storm happens. As long as you know that someone is going to stay with you; no matter what happens, there are the stars that have come out above you just for you and for you only. 

We have this feeling that we have met like this before; the beauty of it all, is that we share the love, encouragement and bravery to help others. The moment like this is that we are not just standing up to the terror attacks; we are standing up to the politicians, especially one person alone. The person who who caused this; there is no one else to blame, but themselves. 

“Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” Cried the nation of Great Britain. Our faith of each other is too strong to break; but yet you still need the proof to break us, you say that we took the name in vain. We don’t even know the name; your the one that took it in vain, by doing the wrong doing. There is a blaze of every light in every word that we cry out; it doesn’t matter which one you heard, the only words that we say are holy words of the nations grief or the broken hearts of hallelujah. 

We did our very best; it wasn’t much but we’ve tried, we couldn’t feel or smell of fear. We couldn’t even feel the touch of hatred. We tell the truth of what Great Britain is all about; we didn’t come and fool, all went wrong for you. We stand before you with God of Britain, the Queen, the nation of own country and our victims. With nothing on our tongues but the words of Hallelujah and we stand together. 

The price that the terror attacks and the prime minster have to pay; in away that I can only describe is one thing and one thing alone, but I can’t not forgive the prime minster for what she has done to this country. She’s not paying for her wrong doings we are. Yet we will have calm before the storm; we search for the faces that we know that have gone missing, we take the victims by the hands to somewhere safe and new. We are something that we are not; you tell us we are going to be attacked again, guess what we are not afraid. We are ready. More ready than we have been before. You will not define us; we will survive and we will fight back.

People across the world we are going to salute representing our country; we are representing our queen, so pay attention on how we do things. We take no crap from nobody

Summer fresh drink 

Summer Fresh Drink 

What’s the best way to kick off and say hello to the summer and good bye to the spring? The best way is to find out what’s the most refreshing drinking that is cheap, cold and refreshing. Is by getting a cheap fruit that you can cut up and put into your glass or bottle, water and ice cubes; this is the most cheapest way of doing some healthy, but refreshing along the way, 

I did do an experiment as well; if you have anxiety or any other mental health issues this actually helps by calming your nerves in the way of letting you know that everything is going to be alright. I can guarantee you it does work even when you actually have a blip or so get yourself one and drink it. 

The best thing I ever come up with if you ask me; I’m always trying to find away to help steady my nerves all the time, having a pint glass even helps because I’m making sure that I’m drinking loads and trying to stay healthy at the same time. I do have to say I prefer lemon than to lime but then again when I have Volvic water I always go for lemon and lime or strawberry as they are more taster than the other flavours. However I’m different to everyone else; everyone has different taste buds than to me, so it’s up to them if they like it or not.

All time favourite quote

All time favourite quote 

Let’s not have an introduction break up! Going to do it all in one today; that’s right I’m breaking up with my long term introduction this week, it’s a long old month and plus it’s the second to last week of a Wednesday. So why not do the all important no introduction what so ever; but also I can’t think of any introductions for the moment in time, might as well get on with it and go straight through the whole thing as all in one. 

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. We choose to act on. That’s who we really are” – Sirius Black. I 100% agree with this quote because no matter what background you come from; you always choose which route to go down, no one tells you to go down the route you take. Unless you have been influenced by someone but it is your choice to go down it no matter what it is. 

There is similar saying “I accept that there is no right or wrong. There are many ways to see the situation.” – Rozine. Everyone does it differently there is no right or wrong answer; or no right or wrong way of doing things, however people think they know best don’t actually know best. It’s how everyone’s brain works differently; it goes to show that if everyone was on the right page, we would get on swimmingly but we need the equal balance in life to do things.

You know your country is well and truly ❌❌❌❌

You know your country is well and truly ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌

Amazing when you read something and you think well done; your with the stupid idiots who think it’s a good idea to press the big red button, when it’s not needed too. I’m not being funny here why get involved with something like a nuclear war when we aren’t being threatened yet? 

Just get on with the job here than worrying about something that hasn’t made a mark on the country yet. It will be like our last women prime – minster all over again if we don’t be careful; seriously it’s true why intervene as no threat has been made, oh wait that’s because we have now got another stupid prime – minster in power. On which the power has go to their heads; personally I believe who ever is in line of the throne next should take some of the power away, because clearly people can’t do their jobs properly. 

Tax rate of going up, general politics winning voters and many more. Apologies this is short and sweet. I did have a lot of ideas with this but I’ve been so busy with work and etc; I have completely forgot about it until now. However it has given me a great story to write about with the whole twist to it on what I believe is going on really I will share it once it is completed.

Topics you should avoid talking about on your first date


Well I didn’t really get much Dating Advice! Much from anyone really; I kind of swing if you ask me, however it’s good to learn on your own in some ways depending on which way it works out and who you are along with the date.

Dating Advice 

I’m still working out on the whole first date business thing because I’m still uncertain how the things work and etc. But here is the list of topics that don’t really need to talk about. Don’t mind me I looked it up myself and I’ll have a cross by the side that I’m guilty of saying by mistake all the time.

  • Your Ex ❌ happens but depends on the situation 
  • Money ❌ Awarked as I never know what happens on a date
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Family Background ❌ depending if they bring it up
  • Sexual Experience
  • Marriage
  • Sex
  • Secrets
  • Work Drama ❌ guiltily as charged if they bring it up 
  • The Prescriptions You’re Currently Taking
  • That Horrible Crime in the Neighborhood

Well that’s all I can find and I’m not sure if I have done any of the others I don’t think; don’t even remember haha, why not add to the list of your habits of your first date. I would love to know what yours are. 

May I help you?


Apologies this post is on a Thursday but due to not feeling to brilliantly yesterday; I thought I’ll plan what I was going to write for it, post it for today but still under Wednesday Evening Post at 8 O’clock, so you haven’t missed it don’t worry about it. I’m just behind on everything this week lots going on. 

May I help you?

The fun with May month that lead me to have loads of ideas for this month; well puns anyways only May can actually have loads puns going for it, like this picture here. May the fourth be with you! 

Love the Star Wars quote always makes me laugh when I say it; however we say things like puns that we use without knowing everyday, here is a list of puns and things that have May in it. 

  • May the fourth be with you 
  • May I help you with something? 
  • Isn’t that second one MAYbe a bit brief than the first one?
  • May I join you?
  • May I have a bath after you?
  • May I use your phone?

Only a few ideas here. Have you noticed or have said that you use every day using may? Let me know down below in the comments. 

The Dream Make Up List


Every youngster dreams of owning every single make up brand that’s going out there; then there’s me on a wish list, as I can’t afford make up most of the time. So in the end I have to make a make up wish list of what I want and get it when I can. Normally forget what I want by the time I go into the store or online. 

The Dream Make Up List

I normally double up on my make up to keep me going for about 2 months or so; on which it will keep me going for long periods of time, this will help me not to worry about the when it runs out or not. Which means when I’m on last product of something; I make a note of it, to remember that I’m on my last product of that sort. 

My Dream Make Up List

  • Barry M Flawless Matt Finish ivory x2
  • Barry M Flawless Original Primer x2 
  • B. Pure Micellar Water x2
  • Simple Kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion x2 
  • Simple kind eye make up remover x2 
  • Collection pressed powder x2 natural colour 
  • Revolution ultra creak contour palette x2
  • Maybelline New York contouring palette x2 
  • The Nudes eyeshadow – Maybelline New York x2
  • Maybelline eyebrowstain x2
  • Rimmel London scandaleyes xtreme mascara x2
  • Collection Sheer Loose Powder x2 natural colour 
  • Collection lasting perfection concealer x2 natural colour
  • Collection fast stroke eyeliner x2 black

This is pretty much my wish list all the time; along with what I use everyday, I mean I use it a lot but if I wake up late or something for work then make and hair can just forget about it. Depending on the night before. Knowing my luck it happens all the time. Do need some new ones from the list actually will probably do it Thursday morning and order it if I can if not get after work. 

What are you watching on Netflix right now?


Currently I’m update now with my blog paperwork and display boards; well one more thing left to do but I have to think long and hard about my goals as a blogger, at the moment I’m in a good place that I can give more time now for my blogs to grow on the new website.

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

As I’ve caught up on Once Upon a Time with only two more episodes to watch; that’s me done for that series, until the next series comes out if they do bring out the next one. At the moment I’m currently got myself into the Grimm; where everyone thinks that this detective is there to kill them, but actually he does the complete opposite he helps them and they start to begin to trust him more than they heard stories of the evil ones.

I can’t even stop watching it; that’s how good the program is, the program literally drew me in and help me to get through all of my paperwork quickly. I keep on forgetting when I need to do something on my iPad; I’m like nope can’t do that right now I’m so in gross in this episode maybe afterwards, until the next one comes on and I keep on putting it off so I have to make a list to remind myself that I’ve got to do it. 

I generally watch at least 2-3 episodes a day if I’m lucky if I don’t need to use my iPad for something; other than that it is quite easy to get sucked into a great program like that, I don’t even get nightmares about it. Only nightmares I get is work and my old secondary school joint together; now if that’s not scary, I don’t know what is. Haha. 

If I had to choose over The Simpsons or Grimm; it would be the Grimm all the way, it’s just that every time I see The Simpsons on yeah they’re great but most of them that I see is the same repeated ones. I don’t know I think it’s because I’m just grown out of it now; I just think some of it isn’t funny anymore, unless I’ve lost my sense of humour on that front of things if you know what I mean. 

This is this weeks Wednesdays Evening Post at 8; come back for next weeks Wednesday’s post, but don’t forget to continue to come and have a look at the other blogs in the mean time. Also don’t forget the other main event categories that will be coming out this week; better not miss it for the world. I’ll see you there. 

Kidney Disease Awareness 


One day it got me thinking when I had received some sad news that I’m not going to say as it’s rather personal; that we should look after our health & wellbeing no matter how old we are, this is because of my current experiences that I am facing at the moment in time. 

Kidney Disease Awareness

People think that they are invisible where they think nothing can hurt them; think that they are super heroes that they see in films, that’s fiction not real life. Some are just lucky that they’ve got a good gene in their family; some are not so lucky as it passes down each generation, maybe skip a generation on which it is odd but luck but still carry the gene if they don’t have it themselves.

Kidney Disease is close to my heart more than it use to be; as I didn’t understand much about it when I was growing up, but now as I’m older and witnessing the start of it unfolding now I know what it means. 

What is Kidney Diseased?

What do your kidneys do?

Very simply, your kidneys take away the rubbish from your body and keep the good stuff in. They also play a vital role in maintaining a good balance of fluid and salts, controlling high blood pressure, preventing anaemia and keeping bones strong and healthy. They are often taken for granted, but they perform an essential service – keeping our bodies clean and healthy. 

Dirty blood comes in from all around the body

As we move around, our muscles produce waste products and toxins that are extracted by our blood and taken to the kidneys via the renal artery to be removed.

Normally our kidneys take away the waste

The kidneys are made up of tiny parts called nephrons, which extract all the waste products from our blood and send them to our bladders. Clean blood leaves the kidneys via the renal vein.

What makes our kidneys go wrong?

Kidneys become less efficient in a slow, steady way after we reach middle age, but it is usually a long time before there are obvious signs of something wrong. When some nephrons fail or get blocked, the others have to work even harder to compensate and so they begin to fail too. A chain-reaction begins, which can be very difficult to stop.

What causes it?

The Big 3

Kidney disease is known as the ‘silent killer’ because the signs are very difficult to spot. But what we do know is that the people most likely to be among the ‘missing million’ are those who suffer from:

  •   Diabetes
  •   High blood pressure
  •   Heart disease

You should be particularly concerned if you have high blood pressure or heart disease, because the kidney damage actually makes these conditions even worse, which in turn goes on to compound the kidney damage.


Unfortunately, your risk of having kidney failure is also increased if you are from an African-Caribbean or South Asian background, or have a family history of kidney disease. Someone of Asian origin with diabetes is TEN times more likely to develop kidney failure than someone of European origin with diabetes.


Other less common causes include inflammation (glomerulonephritis) or infection (pyelonephritis). Sometimes kidney disease is inherited (polycystic disease) or the result of a longstanding blockage such as enlarged prostate or kidney stones. 

Some drugs can cause CKD, especially certain pain-killing and anti-inflammatory drugs if taken over a long time. Often it isn’t possible to say what has caused the problem.

For more information please go to or by clicking on the link. Don’t ignore it do something about it.