Hundred Watt Club and Guildford Fringe have teamed up once again!


                                                           Sensuelle – the headline act

                                                                    ​Photo by David Slater

Hundred Watt Club and Guildford Fringe have teamed up once again to bring the sauce, the sass and the downright silly to Guildford Fringe Festival!

In true Fringe style, the last weekend of Guildford Fringe Festival features one of the best nights out around, as the Hundred Watt Club commandeers the Electric Theatre on Saturday, July 29 in fabulously feisty fashion.

Indulge in a glittering evening of burlesque and cabaret, brought to you by a lustrous line-up of acts never seen before on a Hundred Watt Club stage.

Your host for the evening is celestial wit and holy drag queen, Virgin Xtravaganzah. She will be joined on stage by statuesque showgirl Sensuelle, with hoop tricks from record breaking hula artist Symone, and side-splitting comedy burlesque from Crimson Skye. And making her debut on the UK stage, traditional Music Hall madness ensues from bawdy broad Aunty Mae.

“I cannot think of a better show to include in our last weekend of Guildford Fringe Festival’s 5th birthday bash! I am particularly excited to see Aunty Mae’s debut performance,” says Guildford Fringe director Nick Wyschna. 

“A regular fixture on the Guildford Fringe events calendar, The Hundred Watt Club is always a huge hit with our audience – so much so that our last five shows were all sell-out successes. Due to its popularity, please get clicking on the Guildford Fringe Festival website and nab your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.”

Dig out your best vintage gear and get ready to party!

*The show is strictly over 18s only, adult themes are employed and embraced with gusto. No dress code, but glamorous, vintage inspired-attire encouraged for both men and women*

The Hundred Watt Club is on Saturday 29 July at 8pm at The Electric Theatre, Onslow Street, Guildford. Tickets are £18 (£15 concessions) and are available online at or by calling 0333 666 3366. Strictly over 18s only. 

Disadvantage Children in Africa 

I had a request from a private client of mine; who came to me with an idea for a charity, to which he wanted to start up and he asked would I like to be on this journey with him. Sensational client of mine asked me what I did for living? What made me want to do the job? Two powerful questions anyone could ask for; especially when someone wanted to take you on that emotional journey, how can refuse the offer of not helping. 

Breathtaking emotional journey that I would like to take you on is a country called Africa; the most poorest country in the world, the sad part for me is that families, children, infants, babies and even grandparents are dying. Dying everyday; every parents worst nightmare of seeing their children die before them, every child don’t want to see their parents die. For me that’s the worst I have that fear of seeing my own parents die; however I’m fortunate that I haven’t experienced it just yet, but hearing and seeing children suffer with health issues, wanting to learn and be like everyone else in the world. It is frustrates me that no one is listening or not doing anything about; I should know; as I have witness off hand; with special needs children over the past 6 years or so, each day is something different and new. You know don’t know if they are going to be in; when they are next going to have a seizure, when they need a nurse or to be rushed off to hospital and that for me seeing that is heart wrenching. Your unable to help; but when they are well, you can help them to experience things that they like try something new, help them learn. 

For me; Africa’s children are the same but in their own rights; everyone has a voice, every child has a voice and most of all every single African child has a voice. Every single child in that country has the right to be heard; to learn, to experience life and most of all to see the world that we see. All I ask for is this every little amount that you donate today will go a long way; seeing a child’s face light up because they are being heard, they know that world is listening to them. 

If you can do this for that one child in your country or even your own child or even that child who has special needs; why not go out for that extra mile to help the child who has nothing, who wants to be the same as everyone else. 
Thank You. 

Lizzy & My Client


Frauders…Frauders want your money!

Frauders…Frauders want your money!

My dearest loyal readers and clients I wish to announce some devastating news; my resources have contacted me, saying that they would like to let everyone one know that people out there are frauding them to get money out of their fans. Using their good nature; the role as a public figure, their clients that they support i.e. Charities that they help run. 

My advice is if you follow what you may think that could be any of the celebrities or royals or any public figure in their own rights; come to you using any social media via private message, please check out the official pages of their social media if they have any and what the charities of whom they support. 

Please don’t send them money if they are abusing the charity to get the money themselves; they just want it for themselves, but also make you the easy target to come back for more money. This also goes for online dating websites as well for money and you don’t actually know who they really are. They can be sweet and innocent until proven guilty of harassment and abusive partners. 

My local sources has given me a warning sign to let everyone know what is out there in the big world; also would like me to share it with you guys if there is anything suspicious please let me know and I’ll pass it on privately and I’ll pass it on if you haven’t got the courage to do it yourselves or I’ll come and be at your side. Everyone knows there’s lots of them around; especially these days with everything going on in the UK, we cannot even trust the government who recently cannot save us from terror attacks. 

This was publish a year ago back in May; this is still carrying on today, I have had a few myself over the past and most recently. All I want is that my dear clients and readers to be extremely careful and resilient of these things things. This picture was from a friend of mine as we were talking about things; one of the topics we were talking about was this, I do pray that this doesn’t happen to you or your family, your friends and most importantly your elderly grandparents or elderly next door neighbours as they are also targets as well. 

These type of people are highly skilled, maluptive, dangerous people they would go to extreme strengths and perseverance of getting what they want no matter how they will get it. 

To be able to support these types of is by checking out the public figures official website; inform them what has happened, question them off who they really are, most importantly write down the name of the account and if you can photograph it. Send it to the official public figure along and take it to the police as soon as possible; no matter how many you get or they turn you away persevere because at the end of the day people are stealing identities everyday to make out who they really are. If you need a hand and want to know more about it all please send me an email on Where I can give you more advice on what to do if this subject arises. I can promise you; you are not alone in this millions of people get it everyday, they are are afraid to come forward because the frauds have got them where they want them. 

May 2017 Newsletter 

May 2017 Newsletter 

Wow busy few weeks; well busy month shall we say, my grandma always says “I don’t even know, if I’m coming or going”. Well I’ll have to agree with her on that front; don’t normal agree with her, don’t even disagree with her either. I may of forgotten to post up April’s Newsletter last month; so I thought I better put it up now before this one came along, or I’ll forget to do this one as well. 

There’s a saying that my grandma would always say “mays knees and something rather” can’t remember much to be honest and truthful with you; unless you know it let me know I would ask my grandma but she won’t have a clue what I’m asking about, my head feels like it’s going to explode one way or another. 

Manage to getting out of voting in the local election because I was ill; I was surprised that Liberal Democrats won it to be fair, over the years it’s been Consvertives don’t even care that I’ve missed spelt it. Haha. Don’t even get on them; especially Theresa May what the hell is she playing at, taxing the sick and elderly. Would love to slap her about and stick her with room of elderly people; especially with someone I know haha, that I would love to watch and see. General election would be fun and see who still be in power or not.

Nothing much for May this month I don’t think just been so busy that I couldn’t really do much. However I have started up story writing again; so hopefully get something up on here, along with the whole world of publishing. Been making covers for clipboards and etc. Hopefully in the next month or so I’ll have more time and get things up and running a bit more than it has been. 

May giveaway will be extended over June; it will finish at the end of July 31st July 2017, due to the fact that I’ve been so busy with work and what not I’ve hardly been able to concentrate with the whole puns and what not. May is not taking part in the pun otherwise I’ll be charging her for the giveaway items; if she did I may tax her for the most stupidest priminster, but also may tax her for being the next Thatcher women. 

April Newsletter 2017



I thought I might start doing the newsletter as I’m going along this month because I can never remember what had happened over the past month or so. I hope your enjoying the new official blog now as it’s finally up and running. Didn’t really take to long to do really. Probably tweak if here and their over the next coming months; so that I know how it can run it smoothly, also to be able to help you guys to see what’s happening also. 

Would love to hear your comments about the new blog website it would be nice to have some opinions on the new blog. Hope you are able to join me to carry on with the new journey that I am taking. 

April Newsletter 2017

Spring has finally arrived at the start of the month we had lovely warm sunny weather; that made me wanting to go out for a walk with no problem what so ever, love the feeling of the nice warmth air on my face and my skin. Enjoying the fact that I don’t have to take a coat were ever I go; is a bonus because I’m one of those people who hate carrying things like coats, when it says it’s going to rain and it doesn’t. It’s also that time of year when it’s getting warmer; that’s when my feet are like give me air, give me air get these warm ridiculous soaks off my feet. I have odd occasions kicked off my shoes at work because it’s been so hot; I don’t care if my feet get run over or not by the equipment, it causes more damage on my feet wearing shoes, than wearing without them to be honest. 

I’m getting into lots of programs recently like Once Upon A Time on which now that I’ve caught up; I have now turned to Grimm and that’s so awesome that I can’t stop watching it right now, it’s so amazing and addictive. There’s not many things that get me glued in watching things to be honest; but now that I have got things I enjoy watching now then when I was growing up in my teens, there’s more things out there than before. I do try and watch things like Game of Thrones and etc but just need to get into them a bit more I suppose. 

The first week of April has been fairly busy; from meeting up with an old friend from college, looking after a relative and also trying to get blog paperwork done as much as I can as I’ve had the time off to do it all. Along side blogging and putting it up on the new website; it is a lot of hard work to begin with but it keeps my mind occupied if you ask me, glad it’s been getting done or now sorted shall I say haaha. Writing the newsletter in bits so lots of past/present tenses in the wrong places: opps but if I don’t start it now, I’ll know that I would forget it all by the end of the month. 

Easter holidays of 2017 have now officially and truly over; Easter weekend feels like a life time ago, you guys probably haven’t got much Easter Eggs left. I remember when I was telling a friend of mine all about the true tradition of Easter; he replied that he doesn’t even remember it, when he was learning it. I wish I could forget it if you ask me; but growing up in a Christian family and going to church a lot when I was younger, it’s a lot harder than you think in trying to forget it. So I try and not brag about it because through school I try not to let people know incase my peers would bully me or something. Other than that I don’t believe in it anyways so it was okay but you never know those days or these days what people might say or do.

Also this month I have had my first mini holiday of the year; went to Bournemouth on Good Friday and came back Saturday evening, loved it so much that I didn’t really realise how tired I was as I kept on dropping off everywhere. Asleep I mean; well not everywhere, jeez the amount of times I fell asleep in the car on the way back home I was pretty much so relaxed I was a sleep. Would love to do more mini holidays around England if I could; if I had the money, the time to do it and etc. Also to be able to blog about them would be awesome as well; so that people can enjoy them as much as I could, along with they can consider on where to go on holiday cheaply and worth their money. 

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging May 2017

Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging Introduction 

Ladies and Gentlemen; also fellow bloggers I have the most exciting news that you can ever ask for, joining along side Wednesdays Evening Post at 8 O’clock, #throwbackthursday, Friday Time Recap Time and Sunday Special. Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging is making its way into the group; having its own day detected its time for everyone to learn and have advice of blogging, this will happen every Monday at 9:00 am with new ways of creating ways and to explore. 

This is going to be so exciting to be able to have something new and interesting to read; I suppose I better get started writing and planning for this weeks post, along side with getting out of bed and doing bits and pieces first. Haha but I’m feeling like a sloth today.

Well I really need to be more awake. Pressed the wrong button and managed to get my old post up instead what I wanted. Clearly someone hasn’t woken up completely. Haha. 

May the 4 events help you this month

May the 4 events help you this month

As you may be aware that May has finally arrived; may have dampened our spirits with the rain this week so far, however it has brought with it this year full of May puns. Here’s the idea for you all may you find all the puns in the blogs that I have used in them; weather it’s got May in the pun or not but there is a bonus if you get two in one, the first 3 get to 100 will get a bag of giveaways in the first few weeks of June.

This blog does not count nor this weeks blogs; the giveaway surprises competition will start as from, next week Monday 8th May 2017. To take part in the giveaway surprises competition here are the rules to apply within:


  1. First three to reach to 100 puns that has May in or not or even have both without realising I did it is a bonus. (Tend to happen without realising)
  2. Email me when you have found all 100 puns over the month of May; no other blog counts that has been written before this month. 
  3. Closing date for this competition is on Wednesday 31st May 2017 
  4. You can still continue to take part in the puns if you have reached to 100 puns and still enter before the closing date. It will be the first three that have emailed first. 
  5. To enter your details please go via the contact at the top of the website. 

All the best good luck everyone. 

When your bored! 


Well did have a plan for today’s blogs but in the end had an idea and it was a new exciting one if that. Nothing like creating something new when you bored let me explain down below. 

When your bored!

So this morning it took me awhile to get ready and etc; doesn’t really matter as it’s a Saturday, means now work and etc. Me and my best friend decided to snap chat each other like everyone else does these days; it occurred to me that I can save them, the ones that I made and do a video. That’s what I did. I think I’ve just unleashed the whole new social media side of blogging as well but still carrying on writing blogs and etc on here. 

The link is here to check it out apologies if some of them are repeat I put them on Instagram and didn’t realise until it was too late to change it.

Sponsored Gag House Comedy – May 2017 

Spring is officially here and Gag House Comedy promises to keep the good times going throughout May with another month of professional comedy.  

You Must be Stoking is back again at The Stoke Pub and Pizzeria, Guildford with Jen Brister as the host on Wednesday 3rd May at 8pm. After performing in front of the legendary Spike Milligan and receiving the luminous and prestigious title of having ‘a great pair of Bristols’ Jen knew that comedy was the way forward. So, with the help of two jokes and a push up bra she was on her way! She is joined by Chris Betts, Tom Meyhew and completing the lineup is headliner Jarlath Regan. Jarlath is an Irish comedian, writer, illustrator creator and host of the Irishman Abroad podcast. 

The Stoke Pub can be found on Stoke Road, Guildford, GU1 4JN. 

Tickets are £12 on the door (£10.60 in advance) and can be purchased from or by calling 0333 666 3366. 

Gag House Comedy Clubs regular monthly club at The Back Room of The Star Inn is on Friday 19th May. Please note that this club is usually on the third Saturday of the month so this is a random Friday! Still not to be missed. 

The lineup includes one of the hottest young comedians and presenters on the circuit to date, Tom Deacon. Having appeared on BBC2’s The Rob Brydon Show, Dave’s One Night Stand and ITV2’s Fake Reaction. Tom is sure to bring the house down as the host for the night. Tom is joined be wickedly naughty and deliciously dark Kate Lucas and Michael Odewale who’s stand up covers everything from politics to pigeons!

The headliner for the evening is Keith Farnhan. Keith has appeared on Michael Mcintyre’s Comedy Roadshow as well as touring all over the world. His four Edinburgh Festival shows have proved a powerful mix of the personal and the political and have sold out their runs at the major comedy festivals in the UK as well as the Soho Theatre and Royal Festival Hall in London.

Guildford Gag House is at The Back Room of The Star Inn is on Quarry Street, Guildford, GU1 3TY.

Tickets are £13.50 and can be purchased from or by calling 0333 666 3366
Komo Gag House is back for what is set to be another sell out night on Wednesday 31st May at 8pm at Komo Cocktail Bar. 

Joe Bor is the MC for the evening. Having regularly performed at top comedy clubs around the country as well as regularly doing TV warm up for The Graham Norton Show, Mock The Week, Alan Carr Chatty Man and 8 Out of 10 Cats, you know you are in safe hands.

Joe is joined by the winner of the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2017 Alasdair Beckett-King and the master of storytelling, surreal yet observational comedy, Robbie Ormond. 

The night wouldn’t be complete without a closing act and Phil Nichol is a truly unique performer. An acclaimed actor, award winning comedian, producer, presenter, writer and musician, there is no end to his talent!

An energetic and exciting performer with an unquenchable thirst to break boundaries and innovate with his work.  His skill as an improviser whether it be musical, comedy or straight is unparalleled. With a surreal edge to his mischievous rantings, Nichols always brings something new to the stage. This is sure to be an absolutely outstanding night of comedy and not to be missed! 

Komo Cocktail Bar is on Millbrook, Guildford, GU1 3YA.

Tickets are £10.00 and can be purchased from or by calling 0333 666 3366

Full details for all Gag House Comedy Clubs can be found at 

Last week of April 4 main events 

Last week of April’s 4 main events and blogs this week.

Last week of April’s 4 main events and everyday blogs this week; don’t be foiled that they are finished completely, may I remind you that we have got a new month coming up soon. Maaayyybe May can be even better than the foolish April that it has been; it may bring us happiness and love, as the sun comes out and plays with us. 

So sit back and relax; let your hair down, enjoy the last week of the foolish month that we all love the most about this month. It has given us the greatest weather we could ever have; with the nice warm weather that we have been getting, here and there with the rain but monjority of it has been the nice warmth of the sun making us happy. 

Thank you April for being the most respectful host this month. See you in the following year.